Cyclists and drivers must get along

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  • Frustrated motorists

    Really? The last time I checked, automobiles have the right of way. I am of the sound belief that a significant number of bicyclists ride their bikes without any consideration, or awareness, of motorists, who legally have the right of way. We are fortunate enough to have plenty of trails, here in Zionsville, so I ask that bicyclists use them and stay off the roads!

    • 2 wheels single speed

      You should read the indiana road ways handbook. Or take driver’s education because what you said about motorists have the Right of way is incorrect and dangerous to families.

  • carmelbikerider

    yes Really, comments like this is what worries my wife and son every time i go out for a bike ride. will someone with a short temper or who does not realize their 6000 lb suv is like a lethal weapon. yes there are some riders not going by the rules. and slowing down my inconvenience you , however please read the Indian laws , cyclist do have a right to the road. i see drivers texting speeding , please slow down . save it for 465 we cant ride there..