Current Construction: Local road updates for Hamilton County and Zionsville

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    Jeffrey McClintock, employee of Reith-Riley Construction Co, works on paving the City Center Drive and Range Line Road roundabout. Reith-Riley is the primary contractor on the project. The roundabout is part of a $13.4 million project that will change traffic patterns on Range Line Road.
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    City Center Drive and Range Line Road was closed for roundabout construction last week. Construction is nearing the final stages. The job was estimated to take 14 days. There will continue to be partial closures of the intersection until completion, which is anticipated to be on or prior to July 1. (Photos by Sara Baldwin)

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  • RKW50

    I am staying as far away from these areas as possible. Current doesn’t seem to mention whats going on in the west side. Wife and I were driving to Costco, and didn’t want to take the interstate around, as its packed at 6pm. Oops, Spring Mill is messed up, so I figure towne road. NOPE its closed. Went east on 106th, and it was closed, or backed up, and strange detours by the Greek Church. Finally got down to 96th street, where they are building NEW roundabouts, which were kind of open. Took us an hour and 15 minutes to get to Costco from 106th and spring mill. I’ve figured out how to get down to 86th now, and will be doing ALL my business along 86th street. Too bad, cause we do a ton of Biz in Carmel, but gonna have to wait a year to test the waters. Hope those businesses survive!