CRC settles a Palladium lawsuit

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  • Bob

    Since a) the CRC was counting on winning these lawsuits (and ‘winning’ them was part of their financial plan) and b) for all intents and purposes the CRC is broke, and c) Carmel still has a deficit budget that is not approved by the state yet, where are we going to get the money to settle? Anyone with a modicum of sense knows it will have to be paid out of the general fund (creating an even bigger deficit) using our property tax dollars. Yep, no citizen money is used for redevelopment, right?

  • Rick Smith

    Was this discussed during the 2014 Budget process?

    Why yes, it was. Here is the plan for the funding gap in just 76 seconds.

    The good news is the City Council kept the Mayor from spending the Rainy Day Fund in 2012.

  • anonymous

    two words, financial incompetence. The video for this meeting is not on the city website. Oversight or on purpose?