Council members have ax to grind about tree removal along Monon

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  • Mark

    “We’ve gone from about 10 percent tree coverage in the 1950s to about 80 percent tree coverage today,” he said. “So you have to look at the big picture.”


    Look around. How many trees have been cut down within a 2 square mile of downtown Carmel?

    Everyone knows what is next. The lovely tree canopy that is behind the Gazebo. Probably all the way to Carmel Dr.

    Do you know why they will cut down the tree canopy behind the Gazebo? So the mayor can say look at the back of the office park on 3rd Ave SW and say ew that is ugly. May be we should tear that down and put up more “income tax” producing 2/3 story Disney Style brick buildings.

  • Mark

    Bruce Kimball ” The plan is to gradually replace the scrub trees that have a very short life with longer living native species. ”

    Sir, do you realize what is going to happen? Birds and animals use the “scrub trees” and brush to find food and hide in. I believe a lot of the folks who use the Monon would prefer a natural landscape rather than a couple of Bradford Pear trees every 10 feet.

  • Mark

    “First of all, that was private property,” Brainard said. “Secondly, the city spends over a million dollars per year to plant trees. We plant lots of trees. Plus, we’re building on that property.”

    Yes or no? Does the Carmel Redevelopment Commission still own the land? If yes, than it is not private land. If no who cut the trees down? Did Carmel pay for the trees to be cut down?

    Curious, the mayor states “we’re building on that property.” Whose property is it? The CRC/taxpayers or a private entity?

  • Eric Morris

    But, but, but the Mayor and Bruce (Hi Bruce!) both said the Mayor said they wouldn’t be cutting down trees last year.

    But I am just merely looking for good “H.A.W.K.” habitats, like at 106th Street. They could perch there and not be confused by constantly flashing lights. I think they like trees as well. Bats, though, like bridges, at least in progressive hip places like Austin.

  • Eric Morris

    And Mr. Mayor, shouldn’t you look at areas completely outside your mayoral jurisdiction, like 106th Street and the Monon Trail, like you do the private property in this article? That is, as a neighbor, yes citizen of the County, but not potentate. You have every right to speak your opinion but ultimately must concede you are not in control. Just asking as a friend.

  • Megan Mahoney

    It was a nice area with greenery and shade and that grassy area for events or kids to play. It lended some nature and tranquility to a charming downtown area. It was nice that downtown has some areas that aren’t just more “stuff”. Now that area has lost that. It really ruined the aesthetics of the area.