Convicted to love

  • TTS_7392
    Lou Sanchez works on a car at Carmel Auto Cleaning. Sanchez started his business to give his imprisoned son a chance to earn an income when he’s out of jail. (Photo by Theresa Skutt)
  • unnamed
    From left: Lou, Jonathan and Wendy Sanchez. Jonathan was convicted of driving under the influence of heroin and being involved in a car accident that killed a Michigan woman. His family, step- mother Wendy and father Lou, hope to help former inmates once they are released by giving them jobs. (Submitted photo)

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  • This comment was deleted

    Nice. (ean)

  • Jon Kirkpatrick

    Wow!! Parole for 13 years!!! Y would you let him work?”?

    • Wendy Hill Sanchez

      I don’t understand this question?

  • Wendy Hill Sanchez

    Jon Kirkpatrick, I don’t really understand your question?

  • Liz N

    I think you are great for doing this Louis and Wendy!! After all, who else is going to do this for someone, other than your parents and everyone deserves a chance and love. God Bless all of you. xoxo

    • Wendy Hill Sanchez

      Thanks, Liz! Bring Louis your cars!