Contributing columnist issues his endorsements

Andy Ray

Andy Ray is a local businessman, who has lived in Carmel since 1970. He is also secretary of the Central Time Coalition, a grassroots effort to restore Central Time to all of Indiana. He is a member of St. Luke's United Methodist Church, and enjoys singing in the St. Luke's Chancel Choir. He is an occasional contributor to Current Publishing. You may contact him at

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  • Mr. Obvious

    I’m glad Mr. Ray put so much thought into his decision process. He must be very open minded and objective in voting for anybody but the Republican candidate. You can tell how diligent he is in that process: “I hate to say I don’t know much about either candidate running for our U.S. House district, but I’m endorsing Scott Reske.” “Her name is Glenda Ritz, and she easily earns my endorsement – if only for the mere fact that she disagrees with everything Bennett has done.” “I don’t much care who Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller is running against (Indianapolis attorney Kay Fleming). I’m voting for the other guy (or other gal, in this case).”

    I bet he’d even vote for Joe Biden should he run in 2016. They seem to have a lot in common except Joe makes his gaffes speaking off the cuff and not in print where he has a chance to review it before submitting it. Mitt Romney, Governor of Pennsylvania?

  • David Stockdale

    The only thing I learned from Mr. Ray is that he has no clue what any of these candidates stand for. Congrats for being another uneducated, ignorant voter who goes to the polls and blindly pulls the straight party ticket. You are the problem not the solution.