Community rallies around Carmel High School student battling brain tumor  

  • CIC-COM-0419-Bella Simons 1
    Bella Simons points to a sticker chart marking off her 30 days of radiation during a six-week stay in Chicago. (Photo by Ann Marie Shambaugh)
  • CIC-COM-0419-Bella Simons 2
    Bella Simons, a Carmel High School sophomore battling a brain tumor, loves Paris, pink and photography. (Photo by Ann Marie Shambaugh)
  • CIC-COM-0419-Bella Simons 3
    Bella Simons with her mother, Tasha Simons. (Photo by Ann Marie Shambaugh)
  • CIC-COM-0419-Bella Simons 4
    Bella Simons, left, pauses with Emily Clark, her guidance counselor at Carmel High School. (Submitted photo)
  • CIC-COM-0419-Bella Simons 5
    Bella Simons hugs her mother, Tasha Simons, after being baptized at Grace Church before heading to Chicago for radiation treatments. (Submitted photo)
  • Bella Simons adoption
    Nonprofit Friends of Jaclyn Foundation helped coordinate the Carmel High School track team's adoption of Bella Simons during a ceremony April 13. (Submitted photo by Gabrielle Brannock)

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  • Syd Walters

    Bella has gone through so much and she is so brave! I am so proud of her. Throughout this whole experience, Bella was still my super positive and fun friend. She is in my prayers.