Column: Lost without a compass

Bob Walters

Bob Walters (, e-mail worries not when Christ was actually born, but rejoices that in fact He actually was.

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  • Brian Westley

    We are afraid to notice that Great Society giveaways initiated in the 1960s coincide precisely with the takeaway of school prayer

    Only state-imposed prayer was removed; if you want state-imposed religion, you are against the first amendment and religious freedom.

  • Mike Carmel

    Thanks for the comment Brian. I wonder if those 1970s students knew that Noah sent Canaan to slavery because Ham saw Noah naked and stinking drunk. And yet Noah walked with God. All these changes in the 1960s also coincided with space flight and development of vaccines and transistors, theories on continental drift. Just because two things happen at the same time does not prove correlation; it only means they happened at the same time.