Column: Garlic mustard needs to go

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  • Sweetie

    The only good solution is to bring over the European weevil that only feeds on garlic mustard.

    Trampling/compacting the soil everywhere trying in vain to pull all the mustard is a waste of everyone’s time. Garlic mustard seeds will be spread. People like me will get covered in poison ivy and wounds from thorns. Roots will remain because of the way the plant’s root is designed to swivel and break, leaving some behind. Garlic mustard will bloom when it’s tiny, even two inches of plant will produce seed. Good luck finding all those. You have to make a minimum of two sweeps, after waiting a two weeks from doing the first, to get most of the plants. Then you get to go back and pick next year’s, the carpet of first-year sprouts that are entwined with every plant imaginable and in every location in large numbers.

    I have fifteen tall kitchen garbage bags full of garlic mustard and there are plants all over my property still. There are plants on neighboring properties, properties I don’t have the time to weed and which have people on them who are uninterested in the problem.

    The Dow chemical company has daily contact with the White House and the ridiculous decision to use herbicides in forests to combat garlic mustard… Well… I’ll let people figure out why we still don’t have that weevil here.