Column: Christianity Among the Weeds

Bob Walters

Bob Walters (, e-mail worries not when Christ was actually born, but rejoices that in fact He actually was.

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  • Mike Carmel

    Can someone explain “God’s Love” to me? I hear daily on the news that prayer, Jesus and God’s Love are saving these two health workers who have Ebola. I am truely happy for these people and hope they make a full recovery and can return to the good work they were doing. However, I cannot understand how this is a result of Prayer and God when a thousand other people in Africa are experiencing a horrible painful death. Did God not want to help the Africans? Are their lives less valuable in his eyes? Why did God favor these two over thousands of others? God seems awful selective in choosing only two White Americans to save. Come on Carmel religious community, please give me an answer. I have yet to hear anything that makes sense other than there is no God.