Column: Bit by a dog, and wondering about coexisting

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  • Oktober24

    Wow, thank you for this intelligent piece. You’ve really nailed one of the plagues of our time.

  • glebec

    Local governments got used to ignoring loose dogs, and saving the money it costs to staff up to enforce leash laws, back in the days when dog bites were rare and even fewer of them were serious. These days, however, more and more people want big, powerful, potentially dangerous dogs and yet refuse to accept the responsibility that comes with owning them. They believe – too often wrongly – that all dogs think like Lassie (trained and fictional).

    Dog bites, and worse, dog attacks, maulings and killings are soaring. Over 30 people in the U.S. are killed each year but over 350,000 have to have medical treatment and over 20,000 are so serious that the victims have to have reconstructive surgeries, incur permanent injuries and live very different and changed lives. Another 40,000 plus pets are killed by dog attacks as well, breaking their owners hearts – especially when the pets have been torn from their arms and shredded in front of them. Only a few breeds / types of dogs are responsible for this horror. Cesar Millan would call them “power dogs.” They should be banned or highly regulated. The rest of us are losing our rights to move freely in our communities and are put at risk by their domination. Go to your city council and raise hell.

    • Todd

      Thank you for that information. Can I ask where you got the statistic that 40,000 pets are killed by dog attacks each year? I know its a lot but never heard a number before.

      • KaD
        • Pam

          How did they know that all of those dogs are American Pit Bull Terriers? OR are you making using the broad “pit bull” word that encompasses and dog crossed with a bulldog and terrier? AND do you know Cesar Millan is an advocate for “pit bull” type dogs. Also, have you done research on BSL, because it has not been proven to work. Besides the dog that attacked this poor woman and her poor dog, was an Airdale Terrier.

          • Gail L Rosbach

            I have a huge problem believing the attacking dog was a pure Airedale Terrier. Most of the time these “other breeds are a mix with the so-called “Power Breeds” In other words Pit Bull Mixes. Pictures of the offending dog normally clarify. Unless pics are offered up , I don’t believe “other breeds” are involved. Before Pit Bulls started to be kept as pets, we did not have this problem with constant dog attacks everyday. I grew up in the 50’s and 60″s, people were not killed by dogs or badly mauled by dogs everyday then. Caesar Milan never used to be an advocate for Pit Bulls , until Animal Farm Foundation payed him enough, now he is an advocate, sure. and we are all very tired of “you can’t identify a Pit Bull” game. Yes there are a few different breeds involved that are bully breeds, but it doesn’t matter because they all have been bred for aggression. BSL does not work so well, I agree. I believe these breeds should be banned,period.

    • Paige Marie Harkema

      ….. Why bring up those breeds? The dog that attacked the woman was an Airdale Terrier… She said it herself… Look through the comments.

      • Irene LOBAIDO


  • Repoman

    It sounds to me like you are dealing with an individual that has some power over the towns people ! dig around you may be surprised. Also send a certified letter to the town that they will be held accountable when someone’s
    child is mauled by this monster !!! then people wonder why I carry a gun ??

  • Todd

    Thank you for this post. After becoming aware of the scope of this problem, I no longer walk my dog without a serious weapon.

  • Maryjane

    Repoman is correct. A certified letter and the chance of a law suit (which equals $) will get some action. Also, check to see who contibuted to the campaigns of your officials. It is public record. Should the individual dog owner in your piece be one, or a dangerous dog breed activist, then you’ll know why there is inaction.

  • Fataah Ewe’

    I do hope you are filing a civil suit to cover your veterinary expenses, plus pain & suffering, to the owner of dog. You might pressure the city council to raise penalties for roaming dogs, especially naming fighting breed dogs, and mixes thereof. Even breed specific legislation has virtually eliminated deaths, maulings and attacks from pit bulls and other fighting breeds and mixes.

    • Adam Henry

      I’m not an expert – but from what I know – Carmel Ordinance’s are pretty stiff. I believe that any violation of an animal law requires the individual to go to court. So even if your dog is simply running loose and you have never received a ticket before in your life – if the cop gives you a ticket for your dog running loose – you have to go to court.

      Its not like simply paying a speeding ticket or other cities where you have a first violation ticket you can simply pay on line. To have a law that requires someone to go to court for a minor violation of your dog running loose – is a city that takes their laws pretty serious in my book.

    • Paige Marie Harkema

      Why are you even mentioning those breeds? The dog that attacked the woman was an Airdale Terrier… She said it herself… Look through the comments.

    • Pam

      Uh, where because here are the AKC and National Canine Research Council talking about how BSL doesn’t work and how it’s being repealed all over.
      Don’t use someone else’s tragedy to spread hate and fear

  • A Westclay neighbor

    Lots of assumptions and speculation in the comments. How about posting some facts regarding the breed of the dog? A location (xxx block of Yyyy St.) would also be helpful so that we could watch out while walking our dogs.

    • KaD

      In a RECENT study pit bulls ALONE were responsible for 96% of the FATAL attacks on other people’s dogs:

      • Adam Henry

        This study proves nothing. This study was essentially done by gathering data from media reports and then speculating about other attacks and the types of attacks.

        None of this data collected came directly from a reliable source other than news reports. We all know the media frenzy created by a VICIOUS PITBULL attacking and / or killing some one or something. The incidents where a beagle became aggressive, was running loose and killed a pony isn’t news worthy so it never sees the light of day.

        The breed of dog responsible for the majority of attacks is in relation to the geography. For instance – in Indianapolis the major breed will indeed be the pit-bull or mastiff. In, say, some rural county in upper Michigan, the major breed responsible for attacks would be a Labrador or whatever the popular breed is in that area.

        If there are a 100 dogs in an area and 90% of them are poodles – then I will bet my check that poodles will have a higher percentage of “biting” in that area. Its common sense. Unless data is going to be acquired from a reliable source like the Board of Health from ALL areas – then speculating how many other bites happened in an area that weren’t reported and then creating a study using those numbers – is at the least – unreliable.

        Disclaimer: I own two dogs and neither of them are of mastiff relation and I have no desire to own a mastiff of any sort. Breed specific laws are simply the same as racial specific laws – how would that go over?

        • Thomas McCartney

          Sadly one does not even have to search for the many attacks of these savage mutant undog’s on humans and pets, there are literally hundreds of new incidents every day carried out by these disgusting creatures, here is another.

          These are all major daily newspapers and network TV station accurate factual reports with direct access to Doctors, ER’s Animal control officers, Police, the victims family, witnesses, the guilty pit nutters, all in news reports from major city newspapers and TV stations, as legit therefore as it possibly can be.

          There is only one breed that has every been or is a threat to public safety and that is the pit bull, the sooner they are exterminated the sooner tragic attacks like the one below will be ended.

          Ban the breed and end the deed.

          • Karin

            Totally agree.

            It’s incredibly selfish to think just “my” Pit will not attack.

            It has happened again and again “ordinary family dogs” (read Pit) has attacked its owner and not the least innocent people and animals.

            There are tons of documentation – just Google the word “Pitbull attack” – and make it world wide.

            I am grateful I live in a country with a ban.

        • Thomas McCartney

          When it comes to dog attacks that Kill, Maul, Maim, Disfigure, Dismember, cause Life Flights or trips to the Intensive Care Unit it is always the pit bull type dog that commits almost all of said attacks, this is true anywhere you look geographically speaking.

        • Karin

          Poodles do not commit the murder and mutilation – but Pitbull does.

          You stick the wool over your eyes if you try to disguise the fact, and sweep it under the carpet.

          Just look at the number of fatalities this year – how many poodles were guilty?

          What variety of breed accounted for what percentage of the killings?

          • Adam Henry

            Poodles was an over exaggeration – but clearly went over your head and because it did – I’m not going to bother trying to explain common sense in reporting or drawing ones own conclusion…

          • Katerina Bransdork

            “You “stick” the wool over your eyes”…WoW! That’s really gonna hurt! You tried, in your defense, but failed to maintain any logical debatable facts with that comment. Oh wait, your organization doesn’t believe in facts!

    • Paige Marie Harkema

      The dog involved was an Airedale Terrier

  • Irene LOBAIDO


    • Esteban Tellez

      Well said!!

    • Kristy Graham

      Which might have some sort of bearing if the woman who wrote this was talking about a pit bull. You people are absolutely laughable. Should we get armed against attacking airedales now?

    • Paige Marie Harkema

      Why bring up pitbulls? The dog that attacked the woman was an Airedale Terrier

  • Esteban Tellez

    Thank you for posting. This really hits home because my 5-month old puppy was also attacked and tore up in front of me at at park. Luckily, the wonderful people at the local emergency animal hospital were able to save her and I got the pit bull’s owner to pay my vet bill. I understand that pit bull owners are impossible to reason with and are rarely held accountable for the actions of their killer dogs, and for that reason I recommend never to walk your small dogs without a good stick with a blade attached to one end and pepper spray. Ever since that incident, I’ve always had these two items with me and I’ve been able to repel subsequent attacks. Pitbull owners beware, If your dog comes near me or my baby, I don’t care how sweet you tell me he is, he’s going down.

    • AJ

      A spray bottle of ammonia combined with some Tabasco sauce is actually better. Make sure sprayer is set to stream, not spray.

      • Fataah Ewe’

        Actually these things do nothing to a pit bull in attack mode. Once it is latched on, you
        need a gun or a knife.

    • Pam

      I’ve carried around and umbrella ever since my pit bull got attacked by a shih tzu, and then rushed by an off leash miniature poodle mix and again by an off leash lhasa apso . It’s something our trainer suggested.
      Also, Fataah, to your comment below, when a lab got a hold of my arm and wouldn’t let go I twisted my arm, but if I saw that happen to someone I would grab the dog’s hind legs. Grabbing the hind legs is a good way to get a dog to release, so is pouring water on their snout. Guns and knives are too dangerous and you could hurt someone else, or yourself.

    • Katerina Bransdork

      I am sorry your dog was injured, truly heinous. I would disagree with your statement, however. ” I understand that pit bull owners are impossible to reason with and are
      rarely held accountable for the actions of their killer dogs, and for
      that reason I recommend never to walk your small dogs without a good
      stick with a blade attached to one end and pepper spray” Your overt generalization of pit bull owners is entirely unwarrented, and false. There are irresponsible guardians of ANY type of canine.

      • Esteban Tellez

        I’m sure there are some pit bulls that have never, and will never, hurt anyone but the fact remains: Generally speaking, that is a dangerous and unpredictable type of dog. Do I need to cite the hundreds of cases where Pitbulls have mauled or killed their own owners?? Or you’re going to say that’s false? It is true that ALL DOGS can be unpredictable and will ,from time to time throw a tantrum and bite someone. But, you can’t compare my 5 lb poodle getting feisty and even biting you, to a 70 lb. Rottweiler or Pitbull clamping down on your neck. I don’t get why Pitbull advocates are so biased and in such denial about the fact these dogs ARE DANGEROUS !! Jeez!!

        • ashley

          Please don’t cite dogsbite. It has been proven over and over to be an unreliable site. And I recommend everyone walking their dog carry pepper spray or a stick. Any unleashed dog that comes up to me and won’t back down, whether it be a “pit bull” (which isn’t even a breed btw) or a chihuahua, is getting sprayed.

          • Aforallie

   has citations from local news sources to back up its information about attacks by dangerous dogs. I challenge you to show one fact from that is incorrect.

  • Elizabeth A Luckman

    First of all, thank you for the comments, advice, and for pointing out some very scary statistics about facts regarding dog attacks. I hope to raise awareness about the importance of calling and getting animal control (and by default, the police) involved when dogs demonstrate aggressive behavior – especially (although not exclusively) when that aggressive behavior is not acknowledged by the owner. If for no other reason than to raise the level of accountability that should come with pet ownership.

    To follow up on a couple of questions posted here – the breed of the dog that attacked us is an Airedale terrier. While some specific apartment complexes will consider this a restricted breed, most have not recognized it as such. One of my vets said that in his personal experience, Airedale’s should be restricted to places where there is lots of room for exercise and expert training. Despite the comment from another vet that “these dogs (airedales) are bred to kill”, I personally believe dog ownership plays a large role in a dog’s behavior. Negligence on the part of the owner is simply not an option. There are pit bulls, airedales, rottweilers, etc who are trained and constrained – and there are plenty that are not. I will add that a full grown airedale can be 70-80 pounds, and I can now tell you (from experience) that even though I weigh about 50 pounds more than that dog – I’m not strong enough to stop it from hurting me when it’s not leashed or collared.

    At this point, the dog owner’s insurance has covered my expenses, and the owner has been issued a citation by the city of Carmel that will determine whether or not the dog has to be labeled a “vicious dog.” With this comes certain restrictions (i.e. special license, tattoo on the dog, sign in the yard, 6 foot high fence, has to be leashed when out). That will be determined by the court system in Carmel. This attack happened near the cottages in the Village of Westclay (Glebe, Rhettsbury, Apsley area), and as I understand it the owner and the dog have not been seen outside since the attack (although a neighbor has said that she heard barking from inside the owner’s house – which indicates the dog is still in the house).

    The Village of Westclay is a lovely neighborhood with lots of kind people, sweet kids, and plenty of household pets. One would think that in such a nice place that their kids could go outside to play in the park and they could take their dogs for a walk without fear of being harmed. The action on the part of the Village was to put a reminder in the newsletter to “keep your pets on a leash.” In my opinion this is not enough of a warning to its residents to keep the people of the neighborhood safe and aware. I have no evidence that they try to hide information that the residents should know (other than their refusal to publish anything about this attack), but it does make you wonder what else they want to sweep under the rug. As social scientist studying the field of organizational behavior, I can say that one of the predictors of organizational failure is a refusal to address ugly problems in order to keep up some sort of positive appearance. Getting these problems out in the open, and certainly letting the residents know what is going on, is extremely important to the vitality and sustainability of the neighborhood.

    • A Westclay neighbor

      Thank you for providing the details. I completely agree with your comment that it’s mainly an owner issue – not just a dog breed issue. Every breed has characteristics that responsible owners must learn about and train for.

      • KaD

        In a RECENT study pit bulls ALONE were responsible for 96% of the FATAL attacks on other people’s dogs.

        • Paige Marie Harkema

          96% ? That is completely false.

          • Karin

            Why? It’s the same numbers in other countries.

            Thank God we have the ban now – a lot of lifes are safe now – the attack rate are fallen dramatically since the ban occurred.

          • Paige Marie Harkema

            That is completely false. The bans have been PROVEN not to improve overall public safety… Look what Denver, CO recently ranked in the list of Top 3 Cities in America with the most dog bites/attacks…..

        • Katerina Bransdork

          another dbo blog? Hardly a credible resource, don’t ya know?

      • Thomas McCartney

        Simply put, border collies do not herd sheep because they are raised on sheep farms; rather, they are raised on sheep farms because they herd. In addition pointers point, retrievers retrieve, and mastiffs guard, all because those traits are part of their breed expectations, meaning strong and continuous selection in the underlying breeding program ”

        Simply put Pit bulls do not attack because they are raised with dog fighters and drug dealers, dog fighters and drug dealers use pit bulls because they attack!

        It is their nature, their genetic truth and reality.!!

        It is not how you raise them rather it is simply what they are.!!

        Just like sled dogs run and pull, it is just their nature.!

        A pit bull type dog is what it is and does what it is.You can no more alter it genetic makeup then you can a collies to herd, a hounds to track, a retriever’s to retrieve, a labs to swim, a pointers to point, a sled dog to run and pull.

        They do what they are and a pit bull type dog is a mauling violent killer that has been bred to be a land shark, nothing you do can change that, even if you have them from birth.

        No matter if you love them, or how you nurture, train, rehabilitate, raise them optimally as normal dogs from birth, you can not change their Genetic reality to Kill, Maul, Maim, Disfigure, Dismember, cause Life Flights or trips to the Intensive Care Unit.

        For over 600 years the current pit bull type dog was brought into being through careful selective genetic breeding to create the most violent murderous fighting dog possible

        • Warren

          It’s interesting to me. I sit around and watch people blame the majority for the actions of a few.

          For every one vicious pitbull out there I can show you two that are loving, dedicated and gentle. In the course of my duties as an ACO for a local jurisdiction I caught and rescued hundreds of pitbulls.

          Yes – some of them were extremely vicious due to the treatment they recieved from their previous owners or simply due to the situation they came from. However – a majority of them were kind and gentle animals simply looking for a home and someone to take them in and care for them.

          To say that an entire breed of animal is vicious, unstable and are killers due to it’s genetic make up is no different than to say black people are all criminals, Jewish people are all cheap and Irishmen are all drunks purely from the actions of a few or what you’ve heard on TV.

          I have raiseed and trained hunting dogs for 20 years – I can tell you that if this idiology was correct, I wouldn’t have to work so hard because ALL the dogs I come into contact with would be natural hunters. Trust me – this isn’t always the case..

          In my 11 years of work as an ACO – the meanest dog I ever had to deal with was a Labrador and one of the nicest was a pitbull which is now a freinds family pet and the sweetest dog yiu could ever meet.

          Perhaps I should call them and tell them they should sleep with one eye open because she is genetically flawed and will attack them at any moment… Smh

          • Thomas McCartney

            U.S. Dog Bite Fatalities January 2006 to December 2008 A 2009 report
            issued by shows that 19 dog breeds contributed to 88 deaths
            in a recent 3-year period.

            Pit bulls accounted for 59% followed by rottweilers with 14%.
            Of the 88 fatal dog attacks recorded by, pit bull type dogs were responsible for 59% (52).

            This is equivalent to a pit bull killing a U.S. citizen every 21 days
            during this 3-year period. The data also shows that pit bulls commit the
            vast majority of off-property attacks that result in death.

            Only 18% (16) of the attacks occurred off owner property, yet pit bulls were responsible for 81% (13).

          • Paige Marie Harkema

   is NOT a reputable source for ANY kind of info…

          • Thomas McCartney

            Dog bite website defends its credentials

            Re: Punish aggressive behaviour of individual dogs, not the breed, Opinion, Sept. 18

            The co-authors of the article falsely state Vancouver Sun columnist Stephen Hume “bases his facts and statistics on data that is neither peer reviewed nor published in scientific publications, and is therefore unreliable.”

            The co-authors then cite as one source of Hume’s data.

            Both authors ignored the peer-reviewed scientific study Hume wrote about in his article: Mortality, mauling, and maiming by vicious dogs, by John K. Bini, MD, et al., published in the Annals of Surgery in April 2011.

            Pit bull injury data from is cited in several areas of this study. Hume indisputably relied upon peer-reviewed data and Dogs-Bite dot org data has been published in a peer-reviewed scientific publication.

            The pair next state: “This American-based group is run by an attack victim whose only agenda is to exterminate what it considers to be ‘dangerous breeds.'”

   is a tax-exempt public charity organization with a board of directors, advisers and volunteers with the following mission: “A national dog bite victims’ group dedicated to reducing serious dog attacks.”

            Hume got it right.

            Colleen Lynn President and founder,

          • Katerina Bransdork

            “the following mission: “A national dog bite victims’ group dedicated to reducing serious dog attacks.” While there be truth to that if it belonged to a reputable organization, it certainly belies what crazeen, the psychic lamp post, means by it. Hers, as well as yours and your cloven hoofed minions, use it as a guise for the actual agenda of killing all pit bulls/mixes…basset hound? must be a pit bull; dachshund-must be a pit bull; corgi-must be a pit bull; ANY breed or type of canine-must be a pit bull. What do any of these canines have in common? Coats and teeth.

          • Pam

            LOL dogsbite .org and where are they getting these statics, oh yea from that one study the CDC did, that included news headlines as a source well – the American Bar Association has some interesting facts about that….

          • Pam

            I would also like to note that the CDC has come out to say “Any dog of any breed has the potential to bite.”
            They do not blame one specific breed

          • Aforallie

            Yes, any dog of any breed has the potential to bite. However look at the breeds of dog that killed people in the US last year. You won’t find any poodles or Chihuahuas on the list. You will see Rottweilers, pit bulls, cane corsos and bull mastiffs. Have some common sense.

          • Thomas McCartney

            Rubbish, Merritt Clifton & Colleen Lynn of Dogsbite dot org compile dog attack incidents reported by the mainstream media where all aspects of said attack including confirming it was a pit bull type dog is done by first responders, animal and dog experts who are actually there, their stats are impeccably researched and compiled to accurately reflect the reality of the danger that is the pit bull type dog.

            Merritt Clifton & Colleen Lynn of Dogsbite dot org amasses data from media reports of dog attacks, media reports are a traditionally well respected, bona fide source for epidemiologists and historians of every subject on earth.

            Researchers in 39 countries had uncovered the same data Clifton et al have, and arrived at similar conclusions about pit bulls.

            Sadly one does not even have to search for the many attacks of these savage mutant undog’s on humans and pets, there are literally hundreds of new incidents every day carried out by these disgusting creatures, here is another.

            These are all major daily newspapers and network TV station accurate factual reports with direct access to Doctors, ER’s Animal control officers, Police, the victims family, witnesses, the guilty pit nutters, all in news reports from major city newspapers and TV stations, as legit therefore as it possibly can be.

            There is only one breed that has every been or is a threat to public safety and that is the pit bull, the sooner they are exterminated the sooner tragic attacks like the one below will be ended.

            Ban the breed and end the deed.

          • Thomas McCartney

            In recent years the term breed “racism” had emerged when addressing breed related issues and regulations.

            The concept is if you support dog breed regulations or acknowledge negative breed specific traits it is equivalent to the human form of racism. The error in the concept is that humans and dogs are very different creatures.

            Dog breeds exist because they are specifically designed for a purpose. Dogs are selectively bred for physical and breed trait aspects. Humans do not reproduce in that manner. Humans are not selectively bred and have a choice in their mate. To make this concept equivalent, humans would have to be purposely bred for certain physical or personality traits over the course of hundreds of years.

          • Thomas McCartney

            It has not been determined that selectively breeding humans would actually work since there has not been any official scientific studies conducted. The closest humanity came to selective breeding was the concept of Eugenics, which was trying to breed out negative physical traits, such as mental illness, and breed in positive traits, such as a high I.Q. The concept has been abandoned by most cultures due to the difficulty of selective breeding due to the high incidence of unplanned pregnancies.

            Dogs have been selectively bred for many generations with great success. Since racism in the human culture is based solely on the color of one’s skin, hence the “race” in racism, and not personality traits, it does not accurately compare to dog breeding. To accurately compare, one would have to judge a dog based solely on fur color.

          • Thomas McCartney

            Most breeds are judged on physical and personality related breed traits, so the term breed “racism” is equivalent to human forms of racism. It is surprising that more people are not offended by this comparison.

            Comparing breed struggles to the Civil Rights movement seems a little extreme and minimalizes the struggles of certain races in history. The comparison of dog breeds and racism has no basis.

          • Karin

            And what about “loving family” pit suddenly attack there own family – maim and kill? Of which there are several.

          • Aforallie

            As an animal control officer, you should know that animals are not the same as people. Humans have a highly developed brain that enables them to do all kinds of things from higher mathematics to ballroom dancing. Dogs are much more highly influenced by their genes and instincts than people are.

    • Adam Henry

      So the city did respond, investigate and issue the owner a citation? Often times cases like this require a few days to interview everyone involved. Sounds to me like Carmel Police Department did in fact do their job and cite the woman into court. Doesn’t sound like a case of lack of urgency or relaxed response to me….

      • Elizabeth A Luckman

        They initially issued the owner a warning after the police were called after the attack. This was the third or fourth warning they had issued for this particular owner and dog (for different instances). The citation did not come until about a week after the incident and only came about after a series of persistent phone calls to the police department and animal control from my family and other people who had experienced less violent, but similarly aggressive, instances with the dog. It was after all of that that they eventually issued a citation.

        • Adam Henry

          I happened to be in the court room the day of the initial court hearing for a different case. From my understanding (perhaps I misunderstood) the owner had been issued a ticket on the Monday following the attack? According to the date of the hearing – that makes sense since the case I was there on must have been written at the same time or around the same date.

          Now – I don’t know when the attack happened to you and your dog but I would assume that some sort of investigation, interviewing, and research must be done before tickets can be written.
          I also happen to know that Animal Control doesn’t work weekends in Carmel. I had a incident where I needed to call them and was told the Animal Control Officer or I think they called him a Community Resource Officer or something doesn’t work weekends. So if they had to wait for him at some point, that’s two days off the clock.

          I’ll admit – I have much love for Cops in general. They have a tough job and often times have to make sure their I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed before simply writing a ticket. If they have to put someone into court for this type of action – I wouldn’t consider a week or less of “reviewing” to be out of the question.

          And from what I know of the Carmel Police Department – they are generally very responsive and detailed in their jobs. I find it hard to believe that they did something or made a decision solely based on a bunch of persistent people.

          • Elizabeth A Luckman


            Thank you for your comment. You raise some interesting

            I agree with you that police
            have very difficult jobs – they see a lot of horrible things and they put themselves
            in the line of danger as a profession for the purpose of protecting others. The purpose of this column was not to blindly excoriate the police.

            On the contrary, the point of this is to raise the point of
            the interdependency of all the players inside a complex adaptive system (along
            with raising awareness of aggressive dog behavior) Blaming one party for any of the actions is
            insufficient (except perhaps the owner of the dog whose defiance of its
            aggressiveness led to all of the incidents).
            But recognizing the importance of accountability of all the actors is
            what ultimately leads to this “coexistence.”

            With respect to my point about urgency, this was not the
            first time that they (the police – not one individual officer) had been dealing
            with this particular dog so urgency refers to both the timing of the response
            after this incident, but also the fact that it got to a point where the dog did
            this much damage to begin with. It’s kind of like what I used to call the “stoplight
            phenomenon.” How many people have to get
            into an accident at a four way stop before the city decides it’s safer to have
            a stoplight (or as is the case now-a-days, round a bouts). The dog had
            demonstrated its aggressiveness multiple times prior to this incident – this just
            had the most violent repercussions.

            In addition, as you mentioned, the police
            have protocol they must follow after an incident (if they didn’t, that would be
            in and of itself rather lawless). This raises the question of why the system in which they work has a series of steps
            that elongates the process. You may argue that is just the way it has to be,
            but it’s an interesting question nonetheless.

          • Adam Henry

            Policies and Procedures are put in place in many areas of work to make sure the outcome is the same regardless of the situation or whomever is dealing with it.

            It’s a no win situation in a lot of instances such as this. Cops show up on a call and issue citations for first time offenses regardless of the circumstances. Citizens complain because the cops are “heavy handed”.

            Like wise – they show up and issue warning and attempt to work with all parties involved and when the rubber meets the road finally – they’ll be blamed for not doing enough.

            Law enforcement is not what it use to be from what I see. Even with open and shut cases, proof beyond reasonable doubt – people still get off due to minor mistakes or failure to follow procedures.

            Society today would rather turn on a cell phone and video a cop wrestling with a suspect than pitch in and help before someone gets hurt. Then they wonder why cops seem to have a “us versus them” mentality.

            If I were a cop – I’d be damn sure to take my time in putting togeather a case and citing people into court. Otherwise they face being diciplined by their bosses or face penalties for false arrest, etc etc.

            I’m merely trying to say that it would be a breath of fresh air to see someone speak well of law enforcement and appreciate that they showed up instead of constantly pick apart their actions when they do.

            Hope the dog owner is held responsible and your situation is solved as there is nothing much worse than a iresponsible dog owner that puts people and other animals at risk.

    • Pam

      Thank you for sharing your story. I was hoping more people would talk about leash laws, since I have a problem with it in the suburb I live in. Unfortunately it seems more people want to talk about a breed that wasn’t even involved.
      My trainer said that using those automatic umbrellas are great. I carry one around now (no matter how sunny it is). They also make something that I can only describe as a directional dog whistle. It’s the high pitch only dogs and here, but only in the direction you point the device. That worked when I little boy was walking his golden-doodle that went after my girl.

  • Jaime Aline Hunter-Saare

    We recently sent a pet to the rainbow bridge due to her animal aggression. We did everything we could (kennels, new fencing, rubar). You have to understand that we took her in seven years ago. She was in horrible shape. After she recovered, she attacked our sickly basset hound (who was in renal failure and old at the time). Fearing for him, we fenced her during the day and kenneled her at night (she had human interaction but pulled on the leash — back then I was afraid to ask for help).

    After our he passed,, we got a puppy (hoping things would change). At first,it was a miracle. They got on together and we loved it.

    Then, she changed.

    I won’t recount the loss but or the reasons for he crossing but I will tell you that, when you look your pet in the eyes (even when sedated) you hesitate and wonder if you’re doing the right thing.

    I think we did an our dog passed to the other side quickly. No pain. No hurt. She was sedated (and dozing) when she went.

    It was the hardest (but most important) decision I’ve ever made. I don’t regret it, but I mourn her loss (and wonder every single day what she endured)..

    • KaD

      Owning a pet which is a danger is something a caring person would NEVER do. And the risk of lawsuit and even jail time is simply not worth it. You did do the right thing; I wish more people would.

  • KaD

    We have a leash ordinance too that people don’t follow and Animal (UN)control does nothing about. I stopped walking my dog since the pit bull that tried to disembowel him. Carry a knife or get a concealed carry permit and be prepared to kill the attacking dog yourself; that is my advice. And see The owner of that does OWES you money for the vet, medical, and other bills and injury. If the ‘authorities’ won’t do anything, do it yourself. Take the shithead to court and make him/her pay.

  • Thomas McCartney

    What is so hard about being a considerate dog owner, leash your dog, when someone approaches you on a trail reel your dogs leash in if it is one of those 20 footer’s & keep your dog in tight to you with yourself between your dog and whomever or whatever is passing you on the trail.

    This is simple common courtesy and consideration to others while still allowing your dog to roam about and have fun. If people simply do this then this whole conversation would become moot. If they don’t they are well on the road to having their and all other dogs banned from many or most parks.

    Other then the solutions i mentioned, the obvious one to this issue is just Leash your dog, Period. Take a training course with your dog to teach it obedience & proper behaviour, to be under verbal command as if it was on a tight leash. These courses are short, only a few weeks for $150 and your dog becomes well behaved, under control and instantly recallable instead of being an out of control idiot mutt without a clue as to how to properly behave around people as is more often the case then not.

    Go to the library, they have hundreds of dog training DVD’s available on loan that can teach you to train your dog to the same level at no cost to you.

    The reality is that the crackdown on dogs off leash and the conduct of dog owners will only become more severe till dogs are banned from all PEOPLE parks.

  • Thomas McCartney

    Dog owners do not have a paw to stand on.!

    Dog owners want more rights but refuse to act responsibly in regards to their dogs to earn them.

    All this ode to Dogs is pap and has zero to do with the issue at hand, untrained,out of control dogs forcing people to interact with them, that is the only issue.

    Animal control here offered all those getting tickets for their dogs being off leash a chance to forgo any payment and instead have the $150 go towards a 6 week intensive obedience training course. How many took them up on it?………..a few, almost all just paid the fine, this speaks volumes about how irresponsible & lazy dog owners are as a whole, not just a few bad apples but the clear majority of them.

    This attitude is why the crackdown has come about due to the general public being fed up with dog owners who have zero credibility with them as they continue spout comments that their dogs are as good as gold when the opposite is clearly shown to be the case.

    That dog owner’s as a norm actually intentionally hang blue bags with their contents in the bushes and small trees right by the trails at eye level by the dozens on a trail speaks volumes as to the content of their character or lack thereof.

    Dog off leash harass wildlife and damage the ecosystem trampling flora and fauna, this is disrespectful to the environment and not acceptable.

    All our lives we are taught don’t go up to pet a strange dog as you, the dog owner and even the dog never knows how it will react.

    Well that cuts both ways as to the dog approaching you as again nobody knows how the dog will react.

    This puts the person in danger of being attacked & bitten as well as having to go through this over and over again all through ones walk as the dog approaches not knowing what will happen.

    I don’t need over my walk several dozens dogs in all jumping up on me, sniffing my crotch, approaching me and forcing me to interact with it, if i wish to do so that should be my prerogative not the dogs.

    The solution to this is for the dog to be leashed so it can not have access to me, this is my right, and my rights supersede any that any dog has.

  • Thomas McCartney

    All dogs should go through a behavioral training course.

    I have often seen owners trying to deal with unruly out of control

    dogs, they try baby talk, act as if they were talking to a 10 year old child or scream abuse at the dog while striking it about the head and none of it works, it is pathetic.

    The idea put forth by some that only time & patience it needed is absurd, by itself it is useless, a tried and proven dog training technique is needed.

    If done by DVD obviously the dog owner is involved in a hands on way every step of the way.

    If done with a professional Dog trainer you never just turn the dog over to him without owner involvement as some said, that is idiotic, the owner is always involved at every step in the training process under the supervision of the dog trainer.

    The public library has dozens of dog training DVD’s with hundreds of others that can be loaned from other library’s at no cost.

    In the week you have it on loan you can put together a training regimen that if followed with consistency on a daily basis over many months will cure any issue that any dog has.

    The idea that dog training rarely is effective is garbage, if the owner is responsible it will work almost every time.

    If the owner is such an idiot that he renders the training ineffective then he has no business owning a dog in the first place,

    nor should he have a dog off leash as in effect his idiocy is extrapolated to the dog with the public’s safety put in jeopardy, he should instead get a pet rock.

    Dog training though rarely undertaken is the solution to all dog issues, if they were all trained then dogs off leash would be the norm in ALL parks.

    • Warren

      The same could be said for raising kids… But I digress….

    • Elizabeth A Luckman

      As a note on this – this particular dog was often off leash, but even when it was on leash the owner often would lose control. I completely agree with your points about training – and about leashes- just want to add that sometimes even the leash isn’t enough.

      • Thomas McCartney

        Very True Elizabeth, with small or medium dogs a leash is sufficient, but with larger dogs it can be a problem, especially if they are not on leash with an adult.

        Far too often one sees tweens or younger walking a leashed large dog like a lab or golden and it is just too much dog for them and they really do not have control so that creates off leash issues in of themselves even of they are on leash.

        With Rotties and pit bull type dogs the problem is Exacerbated as even if leashed with a harness with an adult man they are functionally in effect off leash as whenever they want to they can break free and the adult man is helpless to control them.

        This is why all pit bull type dogs should be muzzled as that will lend itself to creating a far more secure environmental context for the community at large.

        An unmuzzled pit bull type dog is a mauling attack waiting to happen.

        • Elizabeth A Luckman

          Thomas, I agree with your points here -but I do want to restate that in this particular case it was an airedale terrier, (in this case off leash although it has attacked when on leash before), and walked by an adult.

          • Kristy Graham

            Elizabeth, Thomas McCartney does not want, and will continue to ignore the fact that this was not a pit bull. Because you see, the minute it is not a pit bull, you are no longer a victim, your story will no longer matter. Read through the comments that Thomas has left. Thomas/Lori Wilson/Darren Stephens (all the same person) is a troll who NEEDS every single dog attack to be a pit bull, because those are the only ones that matter.

            I enjoyed reading your editorial. It is exceptionally well written and well thought out and it strongly supports the need for there to be laws and rules not only passed, but enforced that hold ANY dog owner responsible when their dog misbehaves and endangers people or other pets. No breed, and no owner should get a pass to be irresponsible simply because their dogs BREED doesn’t fit some stereotype. Thank you.

          • Thomas McCartney

            Kristy Graham is a pit nutter pro pit bull type dog advocate who can not stand the truth about her mutant undogs being told.

            I didn’t bring up pit bull type dogs here, i am merely responding to others who did and am presenting factual, proven verified truths which she can not deal with.

            Dogs are not stereotyped but rather realistically evaluated and presented as to their nature and actions by Breed.

            Simply put, border collies do not herd sheep because they are raised on sheep farms; rather, they are raised on sheep farms because they herd. In addition pointers point, retrievers retrieve, and mastiffs guard, all because those traits are part of their breed expectations, meaning strong and continuous selection in the underlying breeding program ”

            Simply put Pit bulls do not attack because they are raised with dog fighters and drug dealers, dog fighters and drug dealers use pit bulls because they attack!

            It is their nature, their genetic truth and reality.!!

            It is not how you raise them rather it is simply what they are.!!

            Just like sled dogs run and pull, it is just their nature.!

            A pit bull type dog is what it is and does what it is.You can no more alter it genetic makeup then you can a collies to herd, a hounds to track, a retriever’s to retrieve, a labs to swim, a pointers to point, a sled dog to run and pull.

            They do what they are and a pit bull type dog is a mauling violent killer that has been bred to be a land shark, nothing you do can change that, even if you have them from birth.

            No matter if you love them, or how you nurture, train, rehabilitate, raise them optimally as normal dogs from birth, you can not change their Genetic reality to Kill, Maul, Maim, Disfigure, Dismember, cause Life Flights or trips to the Intensive Care Unit.

            For over 600 years the current pit bull type dog was brought into being through careful selective genetic breeding to create the most violent murderous fighting dog possible

          • Kristy Graham

            Actually I’m a dog owner who has owned everything from cockapoos to beagles to border collies to german shepherds to pits. I’m a person who believes that ALL dogs should be kept under control and the public should not have to worry about being attacked by ANY dog. I’m also of the belief that while there have been some horrendous breeding practices with pit bulls, rottweilers, dobermans and other dogs over the years that should not condemn every single dog that has a certain look to death. I have owned pits for over 20 years with no bad incidences. So have many many millions of other people. YOU want to ignore that fact because it flies in the face of your stupid “mean gene” bullshit. Hell, there is another story RIGHT NOW about 2 golden retrievers who attacked 2 yorkies and you idiots are already claiming they must be pit mixes because you are so damn delusional you can’t even grasp the reality that ANY dog can have a high prey drive, ANY dog can have animal aggression, ANY dog can have human aggression and all of it can be caused by a multiple group of things including physical, breeding, non-training, abuse and mostly, irresponsible owners.

            And yes, you DID bring up pit bulls here multiple times. Which is exactly why this woman had to state MULTIPLE times that this isn’t a PIT BULL that she’s talking about, it’s an AIREDALE TERRIER.

            You copy and paste on every single article no matter what dog they are talking about and all you do is prove over and over and over again that you don’t give two shits about any victim that isn’t attacked by a pit bull. The excellent part is that so many people have seen your garbage posted in places that have NOTHING to do with pit bulls they see how absolutely insane you are. And I love that.

          • Thomas McCartney

            I didn’t bring pit bull type dogs all i did was respond to your accurate immediate focus on the type of dogs that carry out most serious attacks, as in 6% of the dog population carrying out over 90% of all deaths caused by dogs of human beings this year.

          • Thomas McCartney

            My Legislation Proposal to be enacted by all states,
            cities and counties in the US & Canada.

            All dogs must be:
            Or all dangerous dogs must be:
            Or all dangerous molosser breeds, including pit bulls (American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire bull terriers, American pit bull terriers, American Bulldog, Bull mastiffs, dogo argentinos, fila brasieros, presa canarios, Japanese Tosa, cane corsos and their mixes and any dog generally recognized as a pit bull or pit bull terrier and includes a dog of mixed breed with predominant pit bull or pit bull terrier characteristics), rottweilers, chow chows, Doberman pinschers, German shepherds, must be:

            * Licensed
            * All Pit bull type dogs Micro-chipped with any bite history in database for reference.
            * Insured: All dogs must be covered by mandatory liability insurance of $100,000 min. generic and $500,000 after a skin breaking bite with insurance companies based on actuarial statistic’s determining said rate.
            * Spayed/neutered (except for limited approved show dog breeders)
            * All breeds involved in any bite incident must be kenneled in a locked five-sided enclosure with concrete bottom.

            For all other dog owners language can be written that enclosure such as fences must be capable of containing your dog period, such generic language puts the onus on the owner, have the fines be so onerous that said owner will ensure this they make this so.

            1,000 the first time, double the second time and permanent confiscation the third time with a ban on said person from owning any dog within city limits, this will create an effective outcome directly or indirectly.
            * All dogs must be on leashes outside of home enclosure
            * All molosser breeds must also be muzzled outside of home enclosure

            * No transport of declared dangerous dogs for the purpose of re-homing. (Dangerous dogs must be dealt with where their history is known.)
            * All of the rules listed above also apply to rescues: rescued dogs must be licensed and subject to inspection.

            $1,000 fine for noncompliance
            Elimination of the one-bite rule in all of the 50 U.S. states
            Manslaughter charges for owner of dog that kills a human
            Felony charge for owner of dog that mauls human, dog, or other domestic animal

          • Thomas McCartney

            All vicious and out of control dogs must be dealt with and matter and i have always stated as such, it merely is the reality that in almost all serious mauling attacks and deaths it happens to involve a pit bull type dog, they are what they do, simple as that.!

  • AJ

    I would shoot any dog that attacked me or one of my pets. I wouldn’t even think twice.

    • Adam Henry


  • Shannon

    I live in the Village of West Clay and have confronted this dog owner face-to-face on a number of occasions in the last 4 years. She doesn’t listen and she has a sense of entitlement about her. When I walk my dogs in the Village of West Clay, I have an IMPD police baton. I have told this dog owner that if the Airedale comes after me–there will be no more dog. The dog will be killed. According to the law, if I am attacked by a dog off-leash in Carmel, IN and I kill it… There is nothing the dog owner can do.

  • Thomas McCartney

    of all Animal Shelters in the US will euthanize all pit bulls, pit
    crosses or any dogs that even looks like one immediately with no attempt
    to adopt them out.

    The other 25% will also euthanize within a few days to a week if adoption doesn’t take place.

    Why is this?, because nobody wants any of the evil disgusting Mutants,
    they can’t give them away, that is why 93% of all Pitts in Animal Shelters
    in the US are killed , over 1.1 Million Pit Bulls every year are killed
    in this manner every year after year after year after year in the US

    Over 100 a day are killed in animal shelters in LA county alone, 73,000 a year after year after year after year.

    That is over 12 million pit bulls killed in Animal Shelters in the US in the last decade alone.

    The Idiot Pit Nutters who are playing their rescue game are losers and
    losing the battle as the few hundred they save is a pittance compared to
    the Million plus killed the same year.

    They show their support
    for these mutants by fighting against laws against their breeding that
    could prevent this as a result much needed mass slaughter of pit bulls,
    they are responsible for all of this and show their ignorance and
    hypocrisy by continuing fight against what is actually in the best
    interests of this perverted breed.

    That’s 2,750 a day or 345
    every hour, right this moment somewhere in the US a pit bull will rip,
    ravage and maul no more and instead is feeling the loving sting of
    death, oh what a lovely truth and reality that no pit loving pervert can
    deny or combat, how does that feel pit nutters……Now the pit bull
    will find it’s true forever home, the deep dark forever night, all that
    it warrants or deserves, bye bye mutant and don’t come back!

  • Thomas McCartney

    31 People dead by dog attack in 2014
    Pit bull type dogs killed 28 of them.
    17 killed by pit bull type dogs of the 30 dead are children.

    Stars indicate people killed by a ‘family’ pit bull – ones that had
    been raised and cherished as an indoor pet, ‘never showed aggression
    before’, and knew the victim.

    Child fatalities by pit bull type dog (17)
    Kara E. Hartrich, 4 years old, Bloomington, Illinois. **
    Je’vaeh Maye, 2 years old, Temple Texas. **
    Braelynn Rayne Coulter, 3 years old, High Point, North Carolina. **
    Kenneth Santillan, 13 years old, Patterson, N.J. by a Bullmastiff
    Raymane Camari Robinson, 2 years old, Killeen, TX by a Bullmastiff **
    Mia Derouen, 4 years old, Houma, Louisiana **
    Christopher Malone, 3 years old, Thornton, MS **
    John Harvard, 5 year old, Riverside, AL **
    Kassi Haith, 4 years old, Felton, Del.
    Demonta Collins, 13 years old, Augusta, Georgia
    he dashed into traffic as he was running from a pit bull attacking him and was hit by a car and was killed.
    Davon Jiggetts,17 years old, Riverdale, Georgia
    he dashed into traffic as he was running from a pit bull attacking him and was hit by a car as was the pit bull, both were killed.
    Holden William Garrison-10 weeks old, Springfield Township, MI **
    Friends of family state that the dog is a Pit bull Mix a Catahoula Hound mixed with Pit Bull.
    Logan Shepard, 4 years old, Riverview, Florida **
    Jonathon Quarles Jr, 7 months old, Dayton, Ohio. **
    Joel Chirieleison, 6 years old, Fanning Springs, FL **
    Deriah Solem, 22 months, ST. Charles, Mo. **
    Javon Dade, Jr, 4 years old, Goulds, FL **

    Adult fatalities by pit bull type (10):
    Christina Burleson, 43 years old, Houston, Texas. **
    Klonda S. Richey, 57 years old, Dayton, Ohio. by two Bullmastiff’s
    Nancy Newberry, 77 years old, Phoenix, AZ. **
    Dorothy Hamilton, 85 years old, Kaufman, TX **
    Petra Aguirre, 83 years old, San Antonio TX **
    Betty Clark, 75 years old, San Antonio TX **
    Katie Morrison, 20-years old, Smiths Station, AL **
    Rita Pepe, 93 years old, Branford, Conn by a rescued pit bull
    Craig Sytsma, 46 years old, Metamora, Mich.2 cane corsos and Italian Pit bull type dog.
    Cindy Whisman, 59 years old, Madison Township, Ohio **

    That’s 90% killed by attacking pit bull type dogs.
    Pit Bull type dogs are only about 6% of the entire dog population.

    Summer Sears, 4 years old, Tallassee, AL by Husky/German Shepard Cross
    Nyhiem Wilfong, 1 year old, Caldwell County, N.C. by Rottweiler. **

    89-year-old Annabell Martin, Corona, CA. by her grandson’s three Rottweilers.**

    Non-bite fatalities:
    Carlos Eligio Trevina – 54 y.o. – Idaho Falls ID ** – [Jan 9] – Died of a heart attack immediately after breaking up a fight between his seven pit bulls / pit mixes

  • Thomas McCartney

    RSPCA Victoria president Dr Hugh Wirth blogs on the pit bull problem in Victoria.

    THE RSPCA has renewed calls for a ban on American pit bulls after a man was attacked and his pet dog killed yesterday.

    RSPCA Victoria president Dr Hugh Wirth said the dogs were a menace and were not suitable as pets for anyone.

    “They are time bombs waiting for the right circumstances,” Dr Wirth said.

    “The American pit bull terrier is lethal because it was a breed that
    was developed purely for dog fighting, in other words killing the

    “They should never have been allowed into the country. They are an absolute menace.”

  • Thomas McCartney

    simple reality is that small dogs bite more but restricted large dogs
    like pit bulls maim and kill more & do all for more then any other
    breed proportionally speaking % wise.

    A 1993 Toronto study found pit bulls accounted for 1 percent of licensed dogs but 4 percent of bites.

    More ominous is a 2000 study by the Centers for Disease Control looking at 20 years of data on fatal dog attacks in.

    the U.S.

    Of 238 such incidents in which the breed of the attacking dog was reported,

    “pit bull-type dogs” were involved in 32 percent, versus 18 percent for rottweilers and rottweiler mixes.

    and 11 percent for German shepherds and mixes.

    one study found 94 percent of pit bull attacks on kids were unprovoked,
    as opposed to only 43 percent of attacks by other breeds.

  • Thomas McCartney

    Save Mickey the gator!!!
    An alligator named Mickey killed a pit bull in FL and now he is being unfairly hunted. Eyewitnesses said the pit bull tried taking Mickey’s bone. Where were the parents? This is not Mickey’s fault!
    He was just doing what alligators do.
    Blame the hater, not the gator!!!

    I’m so tired of ignorant people saying bad things about certain reptiles based on the way they look.

    I bet you don’t even own one, because if you did you would see they are the sweetest things. My gator protects my children and my pit bull!

    Gator isn’t even a bread.

  • Thomas McCartney

    Pit bulls inflicted 99% of the total fatal attacks on other animals (43,000); 96% of the fatal attacks on other dogs (11,520); 95% of the fatal attacks on livestock (5,700) and on small mammals and poultry (16,150); and 94% of the fatal attacks on cats (11,280).

    About 30,000 pit bulls were involved in attacks on other animals, many of them killing multiple other animals.

    There are about 3.2 million pit bulls in the U.S. at any given time, according to the annual Animal24-7 surveys of dogs offered for sale or adoption via online classified ads.

  • Thomas McCartney

    Myth #1: It’s the owner not the T-rex

    Myth # 2: It’s impossible to identify a T-rex

    Myth #3: Human-aggressive T-rex’s were “culled”

    Fatal attack statistics about T-rex’s are false

    The media conspiracy against T-Rex’s

    T-rex’s are not unpredictable

    T-Rex’s do not have a locking jaw, they just eat you alive

    T-Rex’s used to be the most popular dinosaur in America

    T-rex’s pass the American Temperament Test

    Punish the deed not the breed (of dinosaur)

    T-rex’s originally were “nanny dinosaurs”

    T-rex’s were once known as nanny dino’s.

    T-Rex’s will lick you to death.

    There’s no need to muzzle and leash your T-Rex in the Doggy Park.

    Don’t forget to attend our ‘Million T-Rex March’ on The White House. President Obama loves T-Rex’s and he thinks everyone should own one. Except him.

    Its not an attack if the T-rex is wagging its tail.

    There no bad T-rex’s…only bad owners.

    I’ve seen chihuahuas more aggressive than my T-Rex.


    TSL has been proven not to work in Denver

    Best babysitters ever….NOT

    MY T-rex is the sweetest dino ever.

    T.Rex’s make the BEST Therapy Dinos ever. And are wonderful as Guide-Dinos for The Blind.

    velociraptors bite more than T-rex’s.

    Let’s set up a T-rex kissing booth for our kids.

    Let’s bring a T-rex into school and let the children read books to a perfectly trained T-rex

    Let’s bring our T-rex to the walk for the victims of T-rex’s in Houston to show them they don’t have to be afraid of T-rex’s

  • Pam

    I truly appreciate this post. I have had 3 small off-leash dogs rush my 60lb dog. One dog bit her, and she ran behind my legs. Unfortunately, if my dog defended herself, my dog would be the dog in trouble and put to sleep. Nothing happened to that dog. I hope people wake up and realize that leash laws are there for a reason.
    I am perplexed by the family down the street with the off leash labs that freak out every time they see my dog, because they try to round up their dogs as to make sure they don’t go across the street to greet my dog. My dog does nothing, and they don’t come across the street, but I wonder – well if this is an issue it can be solved by keeping your dogs in the fenced-in backyard.
    Leash laws are for the safety of everyone, it’s to keep off leash dogs from attacking and from off leash dogs from getting attacked. I live in a busy suburb and it’s amazing how many people let their dogs off leash with all the cars going by. Please keep your dogs on leash for everyone’s safety, and report dog that aren’t.

  • R. Heath

    This commentary was superbly written! Elizabeth, please accept my compliments! If only columnists who get paid were this good. Plus, I agree with all of your points.

  • Irene LOBAIDO

    To Kristy Graham and all others… i don’t care WHAT MANSTOPPER BREED it is that ATTACKS.. German Sheppard, Airdale, golden retriever, blue heeler. .if it viscously tries to atrack it will be STOPPED. . I nor no other INNOCENT VICTIM have to get bit by an irresponsible ownefs loose dogs..i don’t have to wait for them to sink their TEETH INTO ME.. and i am enlightening others to get LEGALLY ARMED for when ANY DANGEROUS DOG ATTACKS. .NOT ONLY PITBULLS, BUT ANY DANGEROUS DOG that is loose and in attack mode. Believe me..America is getting wise to all these brutal attacks and people are getting legally armed.. don’t like it?? TOUGH!!

    • Katerina Bransdork

      have no fear, Irene, your cloven hoofed dbo minions will have thrown you under the bus long before that’s even a remote possibility. You won’t feel a thing, well, maybe just a little- with all those knives your fellow minions are stabbing you in the back with, well, that’s gonna sting for a second. It’s happening, as you sit at your computer keyboard, pounding out inane, albeit laughable, comments. TICK!TOCK!

      • Irene LOBAIDO


      • Irene LOBAIDO


  • Rosemary in Carmel

    After carefully reading this wonderful article, it’s clear to me what happened. The West Clay neighborhood has a vicious animal (the Airedale) and a negligent owner in its midst. Over several years, this animal has intimidated, attacked, and bitten. This owner has allowed this animal to be off-leash, has failed to prevent these dangerous behaviors, and has engaged in a pattern of denial and deceit regarding her anti-social dog.

    There were also other significant failures in this sad story. The neighbors mostly ignored this vicious animal & its owner. They should’ve contacted the authorities every time there was an incident. But they didn’t. Carmel animal control and the Carmel police knew this dog was a problem, and they should’ve protected the other people and companion animals in the neighborhood. They should’ve enforced relevant City of Carmel ordinances. But they didn’t.

    The outcome was predictable, and Ms. Luckman and her dog suffered the ugly consequences. The next time it might be you.

    • R. Heath

      100% correct.

  • Gail L Rosbach

    This is a good article, the best thing to do is protect yourself and your dog. Aside from a gun, Bear Mace is the best way to protect yourself, It is effective against Pit Bulls if used before they attack. It sprays out 30 feet. I don’t allow aggressive dogs any closer to me or my dog than that. Spray them before they can get close enough to cause trouble

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  • Sera Jones

    First, I am terribly sorry you are having to deal with this. Any dog running loose and unattended can be a menace and it sounds like this one in particular has a history of being a problem. I cannot believe your local law enforcement agencies are not taking this more seriously. I hope that telling your story will bring more focus to the problem you are having and I hope the owner of this dog is held liable. I also hope that you guys have recovered physically though I know the emotional wounds take longer to heal.

    Irresponsible owners as well as lack of enforcement of leash laws is s huge problem that needs to be addressed. What I find interesting is the small group of extremists who jump to this page, argue with the author about what kind of dog was involved (because only pit type dogs attack hue hue hue) and continue to copy and paste anti pit bull spam. It is just a prime example of the obsessive nature of extremists. A pit bull ban would not have protected this woman or her dog. Pit bull “statistics” are irrelevant to this incident. Laws that hold all owners accountable need to be enacted and enforced. I hope the situation has improved over the years.