Column: Are You Talkin’ to Me?

Bob Walters

Bob Walters (, e-mail worries not when Christ was actually born, but rejoices that in fact He actually was.

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  • Mike Carmel

    You are again making the illogical leap that non-believers are in the throes of Satan, or are destroying society or something along those lines. That is a vast over simplification that makes no sense. Atheists as well as the so-called believers run the gamut between honest and deceitful, kind and hateful, etc. Simply believing or not believing does not give a person the moral high ground–nor is it an indication of morality whatsoever. This comes through their actions. Believing otherwise is pure hubris.

    • Evan


      • Evan

        Hey mike! I hear you, and understand that this is what it might sound like to you. People who are believers hear much more in this kind of language, and it is not their intent to ostracize you. Unfortunately, everyone is under the rule of satan. It is not derogatory, just the truth. Even if you are very committed to relieving yourself completely of our true sinful self, and cloaking yourself in Christ instead, people still sin, or are jerks, or whatever. True. No one who is Christian wants to make the point that they are better than you, just that God is. And also that, hey, a great gift has been given to humans in order to escape this grasp that satan has on this world, and it is available to anyone. I would love to talk to you about this more.