Clinic doctors and staff arrested in drug bust

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  • worried patient

    I was a patient that went to the noblseville meeting location… I can not say that I liked the set up or how we done it….but I can say the subutex saved my life and im guessing many other people just like me…..everywhere else there is a waiting list some up to a yr long! Idk about everyone else but waiting a yr was not possible for me….I had surgery on my back when I was 17 and have major back and neck problems that cause n will cause chronic pain the rest of my life and doctors started me on hardcore opiates at age, 16….by age 25 I was a full blown addict in denial…iy took awhile for me to realize I need help but I also still need some type of pain management. ….I tried subutex on the street and it was such a relief to not have withdraws n still be relieved of some of my pain…. then the hard part came finding a doc! It was much easier to find on street honestly… then I found dr ley….he seems really like an asshole to me but I had to have a doctor….I started visiting the Muncie office after my firat visit in Carmel w yhe doc….I seen Andrew and Derek at the Muncie.location every two weeks in beginning then every month…I can say I took reg urine screens and was required to attend once a month n.a. meeting w a lady from aspire that was through the dorn group. ..I didnt care for Andrew or dr ley personally they seemed all about “the money” but I can say derek seemed to honestly care how u wete doing. ..I didn’t think the procedure seemed right really but I sure didnt think it was illegal…but I do knOw one thing there are gonna be alot of people dying if someone don’t find a program open to his patients because they’re gonna turn to alternative fixes that they used to that they now have lost their tolerance too and addicts domt think of that they will still do that same amt they uaed to use and theyre body won’t take it…ive seen this happen many of times w friends that would quit off n on …everyone looks as subutex /suboxone as just another drug but its not it truly is a life saver to those who want help…idk where id b without it…and now idk where im going without having a doc or anywhere I can get into…as of now my closest option is driving a state away….so who knows what will happen I just pray these dea people find help for all us patients who truly wemt there for help…

    • Wei Shen

      All the patients should seek help from an attorney in my opinion for the medical malpractice

    • Adam Aasen

      Feel free to contact reporter Adam Aasen at if you would like to share your story.

    • Star M. Voigt

      Contact Terry Yeiter and Dr. Dave A. Hall in northern Indiana. They can help you possibly. Their practice is called Innovative Professional Services.

  • Angry parent

    I took my daughter to the Carmel clinic in August 2012 when I first discovered she had an opiate abuse problem. Like stated in the article, I paid $300 at our initial visit and did have to listen to an hour counseling session. After the initial meeting, I took her (1) Saturday per month for urine screen and if negative, she would be given another prescription for Suboxone. We had insurance so we filled our scripts at CVS pharmacy. My daughter has since been in (3) treatments centers (the Suboxone did not help!) and I can thankfully say she is 5 months clean and living in a halfway house not in Indiana. I told her about Dr. Ley’s arrest and she informed me that on several occasions her urine screen was positive but they still gave us a script. This is so upsetting because as parents when we would get the script given to us, it gave me and her dad hope that the Suboxone was working and she was on her way to recovery. We soon learned by November 2012 that she needed more intense treatment and we quit going to the clinic. I hope he goes away for a long time because I too feel his is NO better than a drug dealer, in some ways he is worse bc you think he would honor the oath of being a physician. He has taken advantage of truly sick people and their families.