City of Carmel making plans to celebrate 100th roundabout

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  • 123SNL456

    “We don’t have mountains and we don’t have oceans, so it’s important to make our streets beautiful,” Brainard said.”

    We don’t have mountains or oceans ……but we’ve got enough debt for at least two generations – and more to come!

  • RKW50

    Does anyone else find the landscaping in the center of the roundabouts somewhat dangerous, blocking the view of cars coming around towards you? I’ve heard thats part of the “safety,” slowing down the traffic, but I sure haven’t seen that.

  • Bob

    Adam-As of November 11, 2015 be advised there is absolutely no roundabout being built at 116th & Gray and it definitely will not be done by the end of this year (2015). ; )

  • Rich Knipstein

    I would really like the mayor to expand on his claim “The mayor said the city is currently focusing on landscaping roundabouts on the east side of Carmel because much attention has already been given to southwest Carmel during that area’s annexation. Brainard said more attention will be given to that area in due time and that other parts of town have a far greater need at the moment.” Please explain where all that attention has been directed.

  • Sally

    I am not sure about “this is what the neighbors have wanted for a long time.” Seriously?!! We sure weren’t asked and all of this directly affects us with no benefit!! And now to see the house on the corner demolished and electrical poles moved again, widening Gray Road and moving the sidewalk to the other side of Gray Road?? Who benefits from this roundabout? Please tell me! Traffic still backs up at roundabouts and this one will not be better. ENOUGH CARMEL!!