City of Carmel expected to renew utilities, CRC lease at Lurie building

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  • Eric Morris

    Ann Marie, a very well done article. Thank you.

    Side note: the one time I tried to find the Utilities office, I did get lost. Probably operator error, though.

  • Larry Verrill

    I agree it is a good article, But I think digging a little deeper for more facts would have made it more ?? “Fact-full”. There were a lot of shenanigans went on when the Lurie building was erected. Just who owns the place today? I see here that Mr. Lurie’s use of the bldg. has been cut in half. Must be his art gallery is not selling much either during all of these city sponsored A & D districts ever so expensive events. So the city is not only funding the art galleries sales events, but also their space for lease. “Nice work if you can get it and you can get it if you try”. Some boats just need help staying afloat I guess.
    It looks like, from the above, some A & D District building owners/developers are city favorites and some the city doesn’t care about whether they survive or close. Some get grants, loans, paid for bldgs. and space leased and some don’t.
    It also sys above that the space leased by the Utilities Co. is convenient to access. That’s akin to saying the top floor of the City/County Bldg. in Indianapolis is convenient……………..This whole business is about the city keeping Lurie’s Art Gallery from sinking below the pavement.