City of Carmel announces plans for $217 million in infrastructure projects

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  • Sounds like 2011 again! New debt and Taxes on their way for 2016.
    How did everything change in less than 8 months? See Mayors pre-primary 2015 message below:
    Just 1 year later we were told the CRC DEBT was UNSUSTAINABLE

    Excerpted from story:

    “Millions in grants

    Much of the 4CDC’s revenue comes in the form of grants from the commission, which oversees tax-increment financing districts that generated $19 million in 2010.
    Yet the details about its revenue sources and grant-making activities remain private. President Richard Taylor declined to answer questions, as did Haas.
    Public records show that on Nov. 1, the commission agreed to make four separate grants to the 4CDC totaling $13.3 million.

    Haas explained to the commission in a special meeting that those grants would back up lines of credit, which would be used as cash reserves, to cover debt service and to free up funds for Palladium operating expenses.
    The commission also agreed in June 2010 to provide the 4CDC $10 million. The reason for that grant is not clear.”

  • If it fixes 96th and keystone. I’m for it I will pay the slight increase