City needs to address Monon crossing at Main Street in Carmel

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  • MikeH

    I agree with your sentiments. Vehicular traffic has the right of way over the trail users. Perhaps increased signage or a blinking red light to reinforce that trail uers need to stop. I too, am very concerned a youngster might dart out into the street and have their (and their families) lives changed forever.

  • 123SNL456


    I would think that since Jim has gotten his bobblehead city council members and CT elected, who will take office in January, you can look for an expensive, tax payer funded solution to your concern.

    You can also look forward to the removal of the stop sign at 126th and Auman Dr. as well a change in Carmel’s city classification.

    Who knows, you may be able to negotiate additional subsidies for the A&DD district.

    Let the monies flow from the public trough and the city and CRC debt mushroom.

  • LAF

    Are there plans to address the hazard at 106th Street? Monon Trail traffic at 106th Street is of equal or greater danger (due to the speed on 106th Street). Trail goers tend not to stop, thinking they have the right of way, often causing motorists to stop abruptly, which creates an even greater risk of causing an auto accident (rear end). I can’t tell you how many times a runner or cyclist has approached the interesection without stopping or even looking for traffic before darting across the street. I’ve also seen more than one cyclist fall off his bike because he didn’t anticipate stopping. I hope someone on the Council is talking about this very dangerous section of the Monon Trail, too.

  • Denise Gilbey Moe

    Oh shnadder…I ALWAYS stop by car and let bikes and pedestrians cross…trying to be nice. What about a cute bridge?