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Column: Compose vs. comprise

Question: “Dear Grammar Guy, I debate with myself constantly about whether or not I am using ‘compose’ and ‘comprise’ correctly. Are they synonyms that can be used interchangeably, or should I only be using...

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Column: Which possessive to use?

Question: “Dear Grammar Guy: I’m having a writing quandary. This sentence makes sense: “Jordan Fischer, whose column is called Grammar Guy…” But what about when the subject is no longer a person? I find...

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Column: Missed the mark on ‘so?’

Question: “Jordan, I faithfully read and enjoy your Current column, but I think you missed the mark on Marlena’s question (November 18, 2014) about the irritating use of ‘so.’ I think you didn’t answer...

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Column: On the evolution of language

Question: “Jordan, I was tempted to write you after your comments on ‘may’ vs. ‘can’. I didn’t, but your comments on ‘snuck’ and ‘sneaked’ have tipped me over the edge. I know English is...

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Cooking with Ceci: A perfect Thanksgiving appetizer

By Ceci Martinez Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to prepare dishes that you normally wouldn’t prepare. Surprise your guests with this fantastico appetizer, a Peruvian tapenade. Tapenade is a French-born spread that consists of...