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This is one example of a master bath remodel. (Submitted photo) 0

Column: Know your shower head options

You may not have considered this a big decision, but deciding on a new shower head can be a complicated and sometimes difficult decision.  There are many factors to consider and, based on your...

If you’re considering adding hardwood floors, you will need to decide whether
to install solid or engineered hardwoods. (Submitted photo) 0

Column: Hardwood vs. engineered floors

This time of year many homeowners are looking into new flooring before the holidays. Hardwood floors are a classic, beautiful choice that will last for years to come. If you’re considering adding hardwood floors,...

There are no trophies for being “average,” according to Randy Sorrell. (Submitted photo) 0

Column: Why average stinks

It’s a constant battle for those of us forwarding the definition of luxury outdoor living spaces. How do we fight mediocrity? How do we behave differently so that your back yard living space is...

It only makes sense to create a space that you love. Updating before winter insures that your time indoors will be time enjoyed. (Submitted photo) 0

Fall time great for home remodeling

  Fall has officially arrived in Indiana! That means cooler weather, changing leaves, and of course, Colts football. But did you know that fall is also a great time to remodel your home? Remodeling...

Custom cabinets can provide many types of storage for different uses. (Submitted photo) 0

Column: Custom cabinetry storage options

Storage solutions have evolved tremendously in the home in the last few years. There seems to be a place for just about everything these days. Ironing stations, recycling drawers, and spice cabinets are just...