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Carmel High School students (from left) Naomi Metzger, Abbey Fisher and Caitlin Mattingly explain how they would contain an Ebola outbreak to Tom Sivak, executive director of Hamilton County Emergency Management. 0

Carmel High School students add up Ebola solutions

By Mark Robinson Carmel High School students presented their math-based ideas Dec. 12 for how Hamilton County should prepare for an Ebola outbreak, the culmination of a month-long project-based learning assignment designed by math...

These are the grant winners for fall 2014. Row one, from left to right: Sarah Mindham, Sarah Hassler, Elizabeth Higgins, Laurie Hayes, Libby Patino, Susan Etchison. Row two, from left to right: Becky Kolacki, Darla Aston, Hella Rumschlag, Lisa Sullivan, Soo Han, Maggie Hite, Elizabeth Peasley, Sarah Awe, Melissa McDonald, Kristine Amick. Row three, from left to right: Vicki Walsh, Scott Barajas, Kate Ristow, Mark Matthews, Ryan King, Elizabeth Ohly-Davis, Andy Simon, Susan Fulp, Gretchen Smiley, Jennifer Marshall, Christy Herring, Cheryl Beard, Lynne Payne, Kathy Scholer. (Submitted photo) 1

Carmel Education Foundation awards fall grants

By Amanda Foust The Carmel Education Foundation rewards teachers with great ideas each spring and fall with grants. This fall, 17 grants were awarded to 44 teachers totaling $15,554. These funds were raised from...

From left Haley Glickman and Kristin Barnes have lead roles in “The Beaux Stratagem.” (Photo by Mark Ambrogi) 2

Carmel High School students take aim on comedy

By Mark Ambrogi En garde, trading puns at 40 paces. The Carmel High School theater department students have embraced the comedy challenge of “The Beaux’ Stratagem.” The show’s performers will display their sword fight...