Carmel’s property tax increase: How and why did this occur?

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  • Rick Smith

    One of the most troubling quotes:

    Carol Schleif – “she was promised by Mayor Brainard that her constituents in West Clay WOULD FINALLY see further investment in roads and infrastructure in their part of town.”

    Carol seriously. Remember the Mayor’s promises on the bailout? Remember how he reneged? Remember The CT fiasco where someone illegally removed records? Remember him trying to weasel out of any responsibility. Remember his constant habit of trying to have it both ways.

    You remember.

    I’m disappointed and surprised. I hope you’re right and you FINALLY see the investment that has been repeatedly promised to West Clay.

    After giving the Mayor a quarter billion dollars on January 18 I would certainly hope there is enough money.

  • Rick Smith

    Exactly 1 week prior to the election Jeff Worrell released this video of the Mayor statinf TIF came in $32 million higher than expected. How does this fit the above scenario?

    “Carmel TIF Assessed Value Comes In $32 Million Higher than Projected”
    -Jeff Worrell

  • M Paul (opinions r mine alone)

    King James needs the $$ for roundabouts and parkways – when will Carmelites wake up and realize he is a global warming believer, tax and spend liberal democrat in sheep’s clothing