Carmel’s Monon Trail repaving plan likely delayed until 2015

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  • Bob

    Thank goodness those utilities were there and this is delayed till the next election; especially after several ‘announcement’ articles that it was going to happen first in spring, then in September. Utilities are the bane of public projects. LOL Besides, people might start asking questions about finances.

  • Larry Verrill

    It is not the responsibility of MCI to raise the manholes along the trail. It should be part of the trail’s repaving contract bid. If the Parks Dept. is concerned about costs, they can always go to the 4CDC (the cities’ non-profit organization) who gets their money from the CRC who always has extra money to give away.
    I was glad to read where the owners of the Sunrise golf area were “talking” of donating some land to the Parks Dept. for access to the pond as part of a side park on the trail. Now if they and the owners of the corn field across the street would take their lead from Westfield’s “Grand Park” and build a south side little league sports complex and donate it to the City or Parks Dept. instead of the uguly developments they have planned, that would be fabulous……..But, of course that won’t happen because it wouldn’t fill the developer’s pockets with the root of all evil.