Carmel won’t report clerk-treasurer for alleged ethical violations

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  • Bob

    1. For those who may not be aware, this is not the first time Mr. Carter has had ‘issues’ with females in general and clerk treasurers in particular. His excoriating the former C-T Diana Cordrey and staff is legendary (and on video).
    2. Mr. Carter is not a lawyer, so it is rather interesting his giving legal advice (re: ‘she has no grounds…’).

    • Mark

      From personal experience, Mr. Carter is a jerk.

  • Rick Smith

    On election night May 5, 2015 Carter got in his last dig referring to CT Cordray as a “conniving PIA”

    Check out the group in Happy Days!

    Carter always classes up the place!

  • Rick Smith

    It wasn’t just Carter on the attacks.

    Here is the Mayor himself going full frontal and accusing CT Cordray of lying. This is a major pants on fire episode for the Mayor.
    It is not CT Cordray that looks like the cat that ate the canary.

    CT Cordray didn’t think her situation was a criminal matter. It remains to be seen what may float to the surface.

  • I think it is completely out of bounds for the Council to tell the Clerk Treasurer how they spend the money properly allocated in their budget. The CT is an elected official charged with discharging the duties of the office. This is bullying plain and simple for which Carter is legend. I would urge the CT to submit the claim again and dare Carter and his cohorts to report this to the auditors. It is clear that the CT needs outside coonsel to properly discharge the duties of the office. The suggestion that she can be properly advised by the Corporate Counsel, and employee of the Executive, is complete nonsense.