Carmel woman touts benefits of moving to Central Time zone

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  • Michael

    Sounds like the real issue is someone should have salted the school bus stop or maybe add a street light. Blaming daylight savings for this kid’s death is like suing McDonald’s for making you fat. This is ludicrous.

  • RKW50

    Sue, I agree with you 100%. We should be on the same time as Chicago, year round. Even Night baseball games are ending before dark in the summer. Fireworks begin at 10-10:30. Sorry Mitch, I don’t agree with your reasoning on this one.

  • Janice Michalski Kraft

    In January of 2014, the morning after a very light snow, my daughter left for the bus stop in the dark. Seconds later she fell on ice on the sidewalk breaking two bones in her arm. Luckily I had seen it happen and my neighbor also heard her. The bus passed by seconds later but never stopped. I am sure the driver never saw her laying on the sidewalk. I rushed her to the ER where they asked numerous times if she hit her head, she did not. By that afternoon she was having surgery on her arm, requiring two plates and eight screws to repair it. Two weeks ago she had another surgery to remove all the hardware. I feel she is lucky that she did not hit her head during the fall but, this past year has been very painful for her. I cannot agree more with this article.

  • Cheryl N.

    Sue, I just read your ‘letter to the editor’ in our Laf. Journal and Courier (Thurs. March 10, 2016) and I totally agree with you!! Since Indiana going to Eastern Time zone it’s been just terrible. The darkness we deal with in the mornings and darkness early in the evenings is so depressing. It’s the one really BAD things Mitch Daniels did before leaving office.
    There there a ‘snowballs chance’ that we will get to go back to Central Time zone? I will be Praying so….