Carmel to announce $23 million in  Monon Trail upgrades

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  • 123SNL456

    So based upon past experiences with “Brainard” math ….. the actual cost of the “upgrades” will be $50,600,000.00. and will require another CRC bailout in 2020.

    When will Carmel residents ever learn? There is nothing like spending other peoples money!

  • A lot of good ideas.

  • schalliol

    This is great. Love these infrastructure improvements.

  • NorthIndySteve

    Gotta keep the money flowing into the pockets of planners, developers, and consultants……..they are running out of buildings to subsidize so let’s go to the beginning and start again. Carmel voters are without a doubt the biggest suckers in the state.

    • Eric Morris

      I’d slightly disagree, while exchanging the word “voters” for “taxpayers”. The taxpayers get shiny new stuff while shifting most of the burden/risk onto bond buyers. As we’ve seen in Detroit and Dallas, politicians aren’t willing to stiff the taxpayers but the bond holders and pensioners.