Carmel teen filmmaker to premiere latest movie

  • evangeline-renee-the-battles-that-changed-us-photo-2368
    Luke Broyles directing in a deer stand about 25 feet off the ground. (Submitted photos)
  • evangeline-renee-the-battles-that-changed-us-photo-2339
    Luke Broyles and some Confederate extras on set.
  • evangeline-renee-the-battles-that-changed-us-photo-2513
    Luke Broyles directing a line of Union extras on set.
  • evangeline-renee-the-battles-that-changed-us-photo-2659
    The majority of the cast, crew, and animals involved all in a group photo.
  • _daa9201_2_3_4_5_6_73
    The venue of the June 7th premiere on Butler University.

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