Carmel still hasn’t issued detailed list of 2014 road projects

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  • Bob

    Adam, with all due respect I’m starting to notice a pattern.

    For example, regardless of what one may have learned in “J” school, reducing an amount to the statutory limit as required by ordinance (1% of REVENUE) is not a “Cut” (as in ‘Council Cuts Arts Fund’-last week’s CiC).

    Similarly, in the last paragraph of this article, realize that a politician is ALWAYS making political calculations/decisions (vs. strictly “infrastructure” ones). It might be good to review the CiC article from 2013 where it was detailed how the budget for road repaving/repair had been used by the mayor for ahem, other things.

    It will serve you well in your tenure to always be skeptical and always ask that one additional question. For example, who does Mr. Huffman report to? Or why are the people who always have the answers not available? Or why is the road fund short? These type of questions help people make informed decisions rather than biased ones. Thanks.

  • Adam Aasen

    Thank you for your feedback. I didn’t use the word “cut” in this article and it would have been inappropriate for me to do so. As always I don’t take sides, but I do recognize your opinion and a longer more detailed article with year by year road appropriations is running in our next issue. This was already in the works but we are constantly working with space limitations due to being a small weekly so often there are a lot of questions I can’t get to, but I’m always happy to answer them here or on my email at adam@youarecurrent.com. Although I do not take sides, I don’t believe I let the city off easy. I quoted several sources that very angry that there was no list and out of respect you have to let the other side respond. So that’s what I do, I let each side have a say and I expect our readers are smart not to decide what they think without being told. And with another article running, it will stay in the conversation. As for Huffman, I don’t know if my place to say, but his mother had a heart attack and he was with her in the hospital, so I think it would have been insensitive to attack him for not being at the meeting. He did talk to me previously, as stated in the article, so he made himself available. We will get more of that conversation in the next article. That article isn’t finished so if you have a suggestion of what you would like to know as a reader, then email me at adam@youarecurrent.com

  • Adam Aasen

    Typing on an iPad, excuse any autocorrect errors in my last post

  • Bob

    Thank you for the response. I truly am sorry to hear about Mr. Huffman’s mother. I wasn’t specifically speaking about him as the article stated he had a family emergency. But, as past is prologue this has happened many other times when those who have answers always seem to be someplace else when it comes time to put it ‘on the record.’ Thank you also for the explanation. I appreciate your engagement and I totally get it! I look forward to the follow-on article. I and many others believe if you do some digging using Ms Snyder’s handout as a jumping off point (that she gave you tonight at the council meeting), you will find that while the council has always approved money budgeted for street repairs, the mayor has used over $7 million of it over the last several years for other purposes. The question, as always, is Why? And maybe more importantly, where was the money diverted to? I think the answer may surprise some.
    Also, I’ll introduce myself at the next council meeting!! ; )