Carmel residents question setup of Monon Trail Crossing at Main Street

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  • Denise Gilbey Moe

    I get confused also. I also like to be polite and I always stop and “let” trail users go…but then I am told that this is wrong….

  • schalliol

    It is such a busy area that a pedestrian underpass would make a ton of sense. It after all is “Main St.”

  • NorthIndySteve

    it’s a stupid design like most things in Carmel — always form over function.

  • Robert Dickerson

    The most confusing part of all crossings is the lack of attention to the flashing yellow lights. Regardless of what the Carmel police say, they have always meant ‘caution’ to me and to slow down for any traffic or pedestrians. It is amazing how some will give me the international smug finger when I do slow down just in case a young one one a bicycle could have had trouble stopping.

  • Jason Williams

    The 106th at the Monon crossing is a nightmare as well. That street is extremely busy, especially during rush hour traffic. However there is always someone who feels the need to stop their vehicle and wave people across. Many times the individuals on the Monon will shake their heads no and wave the traffic along, yet the person in the vehicle stays stopped intent on holding up vehicular traffic for as long as possible frantically waving at the stopped pedestrian/bicyclist. Not to mention stopping and waving people across is dangerous to their safety. You may be stopping in your lane, but what about oncoming traffic on the opposite side? If you are driving as you are supposed to, you do not stop unless someone is actually in the crossing. Bottom line, cars have the right of way, by you stopping your vehicle, you are holding up traffic on a busy street and potentially endangering pedestrian lives.