Carmel removing ducks from reflecting pool

  • CIC-COM-0811-Ducks 1
    The City of Carmel is attempting to relocate ducks and geese from the Veteran’s Memorial reflecting pool at City Center. (Photo by Adam Aasen)
  • CIC-COM-0811-Ducks 2
    A makeshift ramp provides a way for ducklings to exit the reflecting pool. (Photo by Adam Aasen)

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  • RKW50

    Maybe they should check the ducks’ DNA, and the city can pay the $40 per duck! That way they can be sure which duck did the dirty deed.

  • Rick Smith

    Has anyone begun to realize this is a hole in the ground we throw money into?

    It is one month after the 4th and we now are spending money to alleviate the duck and geese problem. Let’s see water and ducks and geese. Who in Indiana would have ever made that connection? We are snapping our suspenders because we triumphantly claim to have our debt payments covered without a tax increase. What could go wrong?

    No one wants to hear that infrastructure cost is going to climb at an ever increasing rate. No one wants their taxes to go up. So infrastructure is neglected. How has that worked out for us on I-65 in the last 24 hours? I guess it’s just bad luck.

    Thank God we have a special benefits tax that can cover these expenses. Lord knows the rainy day fund won’t last long.

    • Mr. Ed

      Oh my! These poor ducks and geese don’t realize that they are NOT a
      part of our ‘upscale’ and overpriced city. Why did we spend so many
      millions of dollars in creating Mayor Jim’s little hotspot in Carmel?
      Perhaps, we should put up a sign telling the ducks and geese not to land
      in Mayor Jim’s play pond.