Carmel Redevlopment Commission could get new accountant

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  • Rick Smith

    Of interest, pointed out by an observant citizen, the CRC website has changed it’s wording considerably.

    The site now states that :

    “The City of Carmel established the Carmel Redevelopment Commission and the Department of Redevelopment to ensure redevelopment areas in need of reinvestment and underused areas FUNDED THROUGH SPECIAL BENEFITS TAXES that will benefit all taxable property within the boundaries of the City.”

    What does this mean? Why the change in wording? No PUBLIC NOTICE just change the City Website and call it a day.

  • Bob

    “City Councilor Ron Carter said he thinks the bill, “handcuffs redevelopment commissions to the point where there’s no real point to having them.” He added that he thinks the change could lead to political games by some officials.”
    For those that may not be aware, Mr. Carter was the former President of the CRC who oversaw the actions that led to the $195 million bailout the CRC needed in 2012 and which led to all of Carmel being on the hook should the CRC not be able to make their payments (Special Benefit Tax), so I applaud him in suggesting that there is ‘no real point in having’ Redevelopment Commissions. I look forward to Mr. Carter in the very near term submitting a Council Ordinance abolishing Carmel’s.

  • MikeH

    I am fine with the CRC being handcuffed. When it comes to expenditure of taxpayer provided funds, transparency is a must. If it needs to be a big secret, then perhaps private enterprise should take the reins and it can be “their” secret and not the usual secret from the providers of the funding source.

  • MikeH

    Mr. Weingardt is an excellent choice as a consultant. I have no doubt he will step down if he feels he is wandering into questionable territory. As a bonus, he can help the hard-working taxpayers friends to the east by bringing a perspective to Fishers so they don’t find themselves in a pickle like Carmel’s taxpayers seem to be in.