Carmel Redevelopment Commission tapped to cover 2015 budget shortfall

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  • Let the borrowing begin! How soon will the Mayor and his City Council make another Big Financial Move (BFM?) that further indebts the City and taxpayers of Carmel…

    This is like Deja Vu all over again. After the last election in December 2011 the Mayor begin behaving rashly and we had the infamous Grain Elevator Fiasco. I do believe it was a surprise for the community as no one in the Mayors office wanted to talk about it.

    As one of our newly elected Council members, Jeff Worrell, stated the entire debacle: “was just Bad Luck”

    What goodies will be unveiled at next Monday nights (12/21/2015) City Council Meeting?

    The feast is on!

    “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today!”

  • In light of Councilor Finkham’s remark : “I find it interesting that three member of the council acted like arsonists last Monday, then fueled the fire all week with negative headlines and now are acting like firefighters by fixing the budget,” Finkam said.

    Really Sue? Let’s go back and look at members of the incoming Council and their acts as both ‘arsonists’ and later ‘firefighters fixing the problems of their own creation.’

    Councilor elect Bruce Kimball has a wealth of postings as CarmelBruce and later as Dr. Pepper. Very interesting read from December 2012. You could already see the crosshairs on Councilor Snyder’s forehead.