Carmel Redevelopment Commission fails to present a budget

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  • “He worries about the City Council nit-picking small projects such as a few thousand dollars to replace park benches.” Mayor Brainard

    This is ridiculously absurd. If the Mayors projects had seen any semblance of cost control he might have some credibility. If the City Council had a history of nit-picking items costing a few thousand dollars he might have a valid point.

    As it is it seems a weak excuse at best. I do not buy that because of recent ‘openness’ the CRC gets a pass on the budget.

    It’s good to hear the CRC will work closely with the council. Part of that relationship includes complying with budget requirements.

    As usual the Mayor will spend more Legal time and resources on determining what the meaning of is is.

  • Larry Verrill

    There is an old saying that 10% never get the word. I guess the captain and crew of the USS “CRC” are the 10% in this case, but does that surprise anyone…………..If the city of Carmel had back all the money it has spent on flagrent attourney’s fees, I believe it could pay off all it’s debts……close anyway.