Carmel Redevelopment Commission approves several contracts

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  • 123SNL456

    “Nobody showed up to comment on the bonds.” Adam – Why would anyone bother?

  • Well we weren’t going to have a tax increase. If you said otherwise you might be called liar by a person(s) who seem(s) to have difficulty with the truth themselves.

    Ironic, in that we DID just have a tax increase. Who knew what and when? How does this fly under the radar less than a year ago and within 7 months we have a tax increase?

    We no longer have the Parkwood TIF in reserve and now we have progressed from a No Tax Increase and No Special benefits tax to the Mayors less optimistic statement:

    “Jim Brainard has said is in place to get a lower interest rate and would likely never go into effect. Pedcor could reserve up to 25 percent of the spaces for residents.”

    That’s right folks he now says: “LIKELY never go into effect”.

    I suppose the good news is the spaces are much less expensive than the $22 million 184 space garage at city Center. With 123 or 67% of them reserved for spaces for residents. Do the Math! It is well over $100,000 per parking space. To add insult to injury the City of Carmel is obligated to maintain the Garage but it also is not taxable as I understand.

    What a deal!