Carmel property taxes to decrease for 2017

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  • Larry Kehoe

    Did Adam Aasen go to the Dan McFeely school of how to get a head in Carmel? “Some property owners” saw their Carmel City taxes increase in 2016? Who’s City property taxes didn’t increase? Some poor family who had their house burn down just before the assessment? On top of the huge county assessment increase, as high as 20+%, the Mayor passed a 19% rate increase. My total City tax bill went up 42% from 2015 to 2016. This from the Mayor who told us that Rick Sharp was a scare monger, during the 2015 campaign, when he said Carmel would have to raise taxes to keep up with the Mayor’s spending. I don’t mind when Current in Carmel champions businesses in Carmel but if all you’re going to do is be another PR arm for whatever the Mayor and his hand picked council (although not his handpicked Treasurer anymore) have to say, you really should declare that in your mission statement.

  • concerned carmelite

    From Carmel Chatter Facebook page

    Disingenuous headline. Taxes went from 70.7 to 83.56 with 6 cents being a “one time” increase that was to come off this year. Using old school math (not common core) 83.56 – 6 = 77.56. New rate is 78.95 – 77.56 a 1.39 increase. The article also states the state omitted the appropriations for the additional Council passed $300-$400M in debt last year which implies the payments weren’t included. During the passing of the budget the mayor indicated taxes will be going up yearly going forward. This is in addition to the Council passed automatic 3% rate increases on utiliites, trash, etc.

    The mayor said Sharp was chicken little during the last election when he said taxes would be rising, apparently Rick was correct. Elections have consequences. Debt has to be paid. We have ~$1.2-$1.5Billion in debt across the various city entities with a lot of it interest only payments now/principal payments down the road.