Carmel police still investigating ‘sexting’ case at high school

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  • parents please take preventive measures by installing SentTell on your childs phone. The app notifies you whenever your child takes a photo on their smartphone. SentTell is the app that ends sexting and saves lives.

    • Justin

      Are you serious? SentTell ends sexting and saves lives.. Let them breath. You are getting a notification every time your kid takes a picture… There comes a point where a kid needs some privacy and his or hers cell phone should be of their own. And wouldn’t you think that it’s slightly weird that you’re constantly looking at all the photos they take. The psychological effects on the children from this app would be disastrous.

      • Shelly

        As a parent I think taking preventative measures is a good thing. If there is a way of stopping even one child from sexting I am all for it. I just read about kids sexting and now the young man who is 16 is going to be charged with possession and distribution of child porn. A FELONY on his record before 18. How is he going to get a job? How is he going to get into college? Before you make statements like “let them breathe” think about the consequences that come from something as serious as sexting. I for one am all for this app if it is going to help keep kids safe and save lives.

  • ChangeCHS

    Carmel PD have nothing better to do than get kids in trouble, aren’t situations like this the parents’ responsibility? The entire Carmel population will one day self destruct on itself due to the incompetent parenting by the rich pricks who live in this town. Carmel, the materialistic metropolis. Not to mention, the high school wants anything that’s flawed or needs help out of their school. Newton is a selfish dumb nigger, Williams hires his friends to be teachers even though they are under qualified, and none of them give a shit about the students. The care about sports, publicity, and their own image. Remember when it was only like ten kids in middle school that got caught sexting? Now its 147? You got yourself a snowball effect, CHS. When you find out the percentage of minors using drugs, sexting, and partying you will shit your pants. CHS parents, stop having kids, and spend money on your narcissistic selves.

    • johan williams

      shits fucken clownin

    • Carmel Dad

      Why would you possibly write something like this other than for some mental masturbatory exercise? It comforts me to know that you obviously don’t have kids and your genetic mistakes will die with you.

  • SkeenzBentonSuckedMe

    Not as bad as peeing on each other or basketball team orgys