Carmel police investigating case at high school

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  • Greg Gossard

    Learned only today of the “situation” at CHS regarding the “sexting” of inappropriate pictures by a young lady in the Freshman class. According to USA Today somewhere near 130 students have been suspended. For what? The young lady created this situation via social media. She should be dealt with by HER PARENTS and the appropriate law enforcement agencies. Neither she nor the recipients of the pictures created a “disruption” of the leaning atmosphere at CHS, the only standard that actually matters under state law… When, oh when did my beloved high school enter into the private realm of student interaction via the internet and how can that intervention be justified? Another GREAT school year at CHS, the greatest HS in Indiana, is drawing to a close. No freshman girl should blemish what our wonderful students have accomplished over the past year. My name is Greg Gossard, a 32 year veteran of teaching at CHS.

    • Greg I don’t believe this phenomenon is more prevalent in Carmel than anywhere else. Personally I feel very concerned for the “freshman girl” and don’t think it is a school or should be a Police matter. I realize as the laws are now written that may be an issue but we have plenty of absurd laws we overlook.

      If indeed 130 students were suspended I would say it was a gross overreaction to an unfortunate situation.

      If they did it during class or using school equipment that is another matter. But again Police involvement seems absurd and heavy handed.

      Lets get this poor child some help!