Carmel Police Department motorcycle hit in Range Line Road accident 

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  • RKW50

    Scott, I hope you are recovering well. I worry about those dual lane roundabouts every time I ride through one on my motorcycles. They are incredibly dangerous for us Motorcycle riders. I’m just about as concerned in my car. People don’t stay in their lanes, and too often the lanes are confusing for everyone. Example? Even though the left lane may be marked to exit to the right at the next opening, you best be in the right lane to keep from being hit.

  • DMC

    How are they confusing? There are signs and the flow is painted on the road prior to entering the roundabout. All you have to understand are lines and arrows.

    • RKW50

      Look at the lines at 116th and Illinois. Those lines disappear and reappear in different places. If you stay in the left lane, and want to exit right (as the arrows indicate), it can be problematic for some drivers entering the roundabout from the opposite direction. Likewise, if you enter on the outside lane, as indicated with the arrows, some folks mistakingly think thats a turn lane for a previous exit. Its even worse when you are on a motorcycle, as too many don’t see you (or care). I hope the ideas of using turn signals improves things, but some folks just don’t pay attention, and think THEIR position gives them the ultimate right of way. Frankly, if all the roundabouts were a single lane, although not as much traffic would go through, they would be simpler/safer IMHO. I deal with that one roundabout daily, either in a car or a motorcycle, and I stay in the outside lane coming from the north or east, and have almost been taken out by folks in the inside lane going east. Even worse, is when I am in the outside lane eventually going south on illinois, dealing with folks coming in from the east, or cars in the inside lane cutting me off at the south Illinois exit. Too much explanation, but suffice it to say, the lines and arrows alone are indicators, and don’t necessarily solve the issues. Only solution I know, is be over attentive when exiting, especially on a motorcycle.

  • noneck mcgee

    The problem isn’t round abouts but more like UNLICENSED driver. Bet English not his first language either.