Carmel plans to file lawsuit over repair costs to energy center

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  • Bob

    That we are trying to recoup costs is a plus. The bigger questions are 1) who was the designer that made the engineering mistake, 2) who from the city and/or CRC approved/signed off on that design. Surely someone from one of these entities had to have or engaged someone who could tell them this design may not work, 3) is this the same energy center that was built for ~$7 mill and then resold back to us for $16 mill with 3-4 closings in the same day, 4) is the same Minnesota/Wisconsin company that sold us apparently obsolete equipment if we can’t get parts for it being considered to build another energy center for Mid-Town, and 5) will someone from the city sign off on that design not have to rely on plans in newspapers? The mayor is 50% correct, we shouldn’t bear the brunt; we should not bear anything.