Carmel officials unveil plans for 96th Street expansion, roundabouts

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  • 123SNL456

    Ann Marie: Why is this being story being re-run from the very say one (word-for-word) from may 12th?

  • 123SNL456

    City councilor Ron Carter said he doesn’t expect the proposed project is likely to happen.

    “This is the strangest development project I have ever encountered in
    all my years on council. You just don’t put something out in the public
    domain like that and show it before you bring it to the council,” he
    said. “It’s so strange and has so many obstacles that this is probably
    going to be DOA.”

    seems to prefer that work be done behind the scenes – like he does
    with the CRC / 4CDC and all of those executive sessions. It’s behind
    close doors that Ron and Jim are able to pick the winners and losers –
    with the FOJB (Friend of Jim Brainard contributors) being the winners.

    seems to be a NIMBY with respect to this project …. funny how
    proximity influences ones perspective, especially with respect to Plumb
    Creek – Ron certainly does not have an unbiased opinion – from a 2015
    posting on his Facebook.

  • RKW50

    I’m surprised Penske hasn’t said “sorry Jimmy, it ain’t gonna happen.” Then Brainard would come up against a real businessman, with real attorneys.