Carmel officials taking long look at CRC finances

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  • Bob

    “In a 2012 letter…concerns were raised about funds being transferred from the CRC to the 4CDC and back to the CRC, a way to get around the fact that TIF funds can’t be spent on operational expenses…”
    In ANY OTHER context, wouldn’t this be called money laundering? Is it not ONLY because of quasi-governmental agencies?

  • Rick Smith

    Some add that some of the CRC’s biggest criticisms might be coming
    from city council members who might be considering running for higher
    office. Brainard said he believes the CRC’s projects are overwhelmingly
    popular and that many of the attacks are vague and politically

    “I think it is important to keep in the mind that the ‘Tea Party’
    criticism regarding the CRC is really coming from a very small group of
    people,” he said.

    Mr. Mayor how do you explain the many people like myself. There are a lot of people in the community like me than you would like to think.

    We started out thinking you were pretty special. I
    defended you ardently against those I now know to have been correct. The
    problem with your argument is it assumes there are no people like me
    that exist. We didn’t start this way we were your supporters.

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