Carmel officials divided over parking garage loan payment

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  • Bob

    WELL, I’m certainly glad no taxpayer money is being used for redevelopment. Right Jeff? Once again we have a situation involving this administration where people just aren’t, as the mayor so famously said, asking the right questions. Pathetic!!

  • Rick Smith

    Is there any reason the contract (“The reason we are confused is because Diana never asked us for any
    documentation,” CRC board member Jeff Worrell said. “If she was missing
    documentation she could have just called us and asked for it. I have a
    copy of the contract myself.”) is not made public?

    I looked at the list Umbaugh provided the city in 2012 and cannot find any obligations with the referenced amounts on the list.

  • anonymous

    Perhaps the documentation on this loan is in the CRC paperwork boxes that were removed from Ms. Cordray’s office without her permission and still unknown by who.
    Funny the mayor alleges that Ms. Cordray put the city in default by doing her job and questioning a questionable payment for a suspect loan that he put together. And this is after he put the CRC into insolvency requiring a residential taxpayer backed bailout.