Carmel No. 1 city for job seekers

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  • Dan Crabtree

    Most from failed liberal left states with no jobs as well to offer…Indiana soon to join other former republican states as it also changes from republican to democrat almost overnight.. mass immigration changes the political atmospere to the same failed liberal policys as well that ruined there former states they now flee from….very sad to watch…

    • Crabby Trees

      Or it could be that Carmel is trying to pursue different options to attract jobs and subsequent employees. If you look beyond the controversies of the city, you will see that the city is doing great things and adding to the quality of life aspects that young professionals and aging empty nesters crave in a city center. Heck you see more families also moving to downtown carmel as well as more and more people enjoy the new urbanism. It is the only thing Indiana has going for it other than low cost of living and a good place to raise kids.

      There are no mountains, there are no beaches, and there is definitely not the weather that other cities get. Now, if we could just get some character like the foodie and craft beer locations in Indy to continue to populate our city, then we will at least continue to be an attractive place in the midwest.