Carmel mayor’s budget proposes a 40 percent pay raise for himself

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  • Rich

    I calculated that my property taxes increased by 14% this year over last. It seems outrageous to me to increase the pay of our public servants by 25% to 40%, especially if this is being done on the backs of the taxpayers – and it will be! I expect that there would be quite a few talented people willing to come here and work for a 6-figure salary. You can bet that most private firms won’t be increasing the pay of their workers by these amounts, even if they have not had much in the way raises the past 8 years. A city council that passes these kinds of increases can probably expect a taxpayer revolt, given the large increases in property taxes which have already come out way.

  • Bob

    I have to give the Current credit. Unlike the USA Today network paper to our immediate south in the state’s capital, this story is still posted online; same for the IBJ. It seems to have ‘slept with the fishes’ at The Star–taken down after less than 24 hours. Wonder why?

  • Mark

    This is bait and switch. He probably wants a 20% increase. This way when they go from 40% to 20%, the mayor can say that he talked with “his” people and decided that 40% was too much.

    As far as I am concerned if the mayor feels he can make 7 times more in the private sector than by all means GO!

    Mr. Kimball and Mr. Worell, as new councilors do you feel comfortable voting for the mayor’s 40% increase and a 28% increase in salaries for yourselves? Do you feel that is in the best intererests of your taxpayers?

    • M Paul (opinions r mine alone)

      The entire council is in bed with the King. He hand picked his slate of merry men and they shalt do the King’s bidding.

  • M Paul (opinions r mine alone)

    It costs a lot to be the King. His Queen has booted him from the castle and now the King needs to fund his own throne.

  • Jason Berkopes

    Who in this country other than a politician gets to determine their own pay raise?! And they say this isn’t organized crime. On top of that, who gets a 40% pay increase? I haven’t had a pay increase in over four years. When I did get one it wasn’t 40%!!! They are making comparisons to suburbs tied to cities like the Dallas area that are more than 3 times our size in population in an effort to jump their salary. I’d be fine with a 5% pay increase, no way I would agree to a 40% increase. Why don’t you pat yourself on the back a little harder why don’t you Mr. Mayor.