Carmel mayor unveils plans for outdoor ice rink near Palladium

  • cic-com-1018-ice-rink-1
    An ice rink is planned near the Palladium. (File photo)
  • cic-com-1018-ice-rink-2
    The center green in front of the Palladium is planned to be paved and used as an area for festivals. (Submitted photo courtesy City of Carmel)
  • cic-com-1018-ice-rink-3
    The city is planning an outdoor ice rink and space for festivals in front of the Palladium. (Submitted photo courtesy City of Carmel)

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  • Worldview

    So another grassy free space is going to be covered in an impermeable, man-made substance, like the complete destruction of the well-used green space at Monon Greenway and Main. A tree is nice to maintain the carbon balance, but one cannot lie on one’s back in the cooling green blades and gaze up at the clouds.

  • One of the Quiet Ones

    Are they going to have a zamboni, a building for the zamboni, staff for the rink? Will it be free, will you be able to rent skates. You also have an ice rink down the street that has been there for over 40 years I think. Will it be competition? I am sure it will be pretty.