Carmel Mayor Jim Brainard urges Republicans to unite behind Trump

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  • Linz

    You have got to be kidding me! How are so many people oblivious to Trumps behavior and how it would affect him working and getting along with other countries. Not to mention the lack of respect towards women and minorities. I will never vote for Trump I think the only candidate that could have been good was Kasich. Maybe an independent will come along let’s hope so! Both parties have a lot of people that dislike there candidate enough to possible vote independent. One can always hope!

  • Erika Davis Robertson

    Exactly Linz!! I won’t be uniting behind this masochist racist! No WAY TRUMP!! Just say no!! Trump doesn’t care about middle America. He has scammed many with his fake University and gone bankrupt. How could any get behind such a tool. Other countries do not want Trump as our leader, they are distugisted by him as well. I’m glad Bernie won Indiana and if Hillary ends up being indicted then he’ll be our President!