Mayor: CPD may ticket drivers for not using turn signals in roundabouts

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  • Bob

    History shows when the Roman Republic transitioned to the Roman Empire (and began its fall over the next 400 years), it happened when Caesar rendered, over time, the Senate irrelevant. The mayor’s attitude on this particular issue was probably born in Carmel at the first meeting of his brand new hand-picked council in January 2016 when they immediately passed $245+ million in new debt without any real discussion; it continued with the multiplicity of 7-0 votes; it ends like this. The mayor is signalling he got what he wanted from the Council and they too have been rendered obsolete/made dispensable. History does repeat itself.

    “Even though the Carmel City Council voted down a proposal to institute a fine of up to $100 for not using a turn signal in a roundabout, Carmel Mayor Jim Brainard said he will instruct the Carmel Police Dept. to proceed with tickets anyway.”

  • Doug

    Very well stated, Bob. The blatant disregard for the very members the mayor wanted for the council certainly looks like the next step in an exercise in megalomania to me.

  • jkubecki

    “Immediately after passing the roundabout exit before the one you intend to take, use the right turn signal to alert others waiting to enter the roundabout that you will be exiting. Do not leave your turn signal on the entire time you travel through the roundabout and don’t use your left turn signal.”

    Except, then you won’t be obeying the 200-feet provision of the law. The only way to do THAT is to put your turn signal on before you ever even enter the roundabout, regardless of which exit you’re taking. Which means that it’ll be impossible to tell when you’re actually going to exit, thus defeating the purpose. This makes ZERO sense.

  • Chris Turner

    “I am going to enforce handing out tickets by ignoring the legal system.”

  • Wm Douglas

    So, if I intend to take the 3rd exit and must signal 200 feet prior, won’t it seem like I’m signaing to take the 2nd exit, or even the first? How are other drivers to divine my intention? That a rhetorical question, they will not be able to.

  • md

    can’t wait for the first Carmel lawyer to be cited in a roundabout…. probably on the first day. i like you, Brainard…but you should pick and choose your battles better. don’t underestimate the will of the people and their representatives.

  • TG

    This is absurd. Has the Mayor ever used a turn signal before? Try keeping your hands on the wheel while making a turn and holding your turn signal down while doing it since modern turn signals automatically cancel when the steering wheel is turned past a certain point. Usually this threshold is met as you ENTER the roundabout and then consistently throughout the roundabout. State laws aside, this is just stupid.

    How about giving tickets to speeders in roundabouts instead? Traffic would flow a lot better if you didn’t have a******* flying into the roundabout at 45mph.

  • brody kessler

    Brainard said that’s still considered a turn. “You turned out of a roundabout,” he said “You were in a circle and you turned.”

    If you have to signal to turn off the “road circle”, then you have to signal to turn onto it causing the cars to improperly think you are going right. Cant have it both ways – you cant turn off a circle that you didnt turn onto – a turn is a turn!

    I just tried it on carmel drive and my signal flashed one time – cars didnt see it.

  • JLK1789

    Carmel roundabouts will become a constant reminder of what happens when a politician has been in office too long and authority has gone to his head. Each time you see turn signals or the flashing lights of a squad car near a roundabout, remember that Jim Brainard no longer values your input or the Democratic process.

  • Larry Kehoe

    Isn’t this an edited/ changed story from the original? Why doesn’t it reflect that?

  • Brian Patterson

    We very much enjoy living in Carmel and are supporters of Mayor Brainard. We like the progressive things he’s doing to keep Carmel great. This idea, however, is not a progressive idea. The roundabouts are designed to keep traffic flowing by not turning. Having to remember to use your signal – which I use all the time when driving – to get in and out of roundabout is counter intuitive.

  • ConcernedCurt

    At 20mph a car travels 29ft in 1 second. You will have about a 1 sec window to turn on your turn signal (you are supposed to do it between roundabout exits). People reaching for their turn signals while executing a turn will cause more accidents than it will prevent. That is a fact.
    I think his divorce is muddling the man’s head.

  • Tom Barta

    WE are a democracy not a dictatorship. It has to be a law or it won’t stand up in court. If it is already a law then they don’t need to do this, but if it isn’t and it didn’t get passed, he can’t just bully the police to his will.

  • Eric Morris

    I’m sure they will start stringently enforcing the turn signal law generally and the no texting law as well …

  • brainiacspeaks

    Nothing like having a Mayor with an 80 I.Q. making new traffic laws! The guy already is corrupt as they come! Why do people still vote for him?????

  • mikaboo88

    The roundabout cluster (in more ways than one) at 106th & Keystone is going to look like a disco, with all the flashing turn signals and the lights on the police cars.

  • Vincent Vega

    The mayor only knows two things…being a bully and spending other people’s money. How hard is that? Following the state law, I will put my right turn signal on 200 feet before the round-a-bout regardless of the direction I’m traveling. That won’t confuse anyone.

  • Melvin

    This is the absolute most absurd “ruling” I have ever heard. It will do nothing more than confuse drivers even more. Due to the angle of a vehicle in the roundabout, other drivers can’t even SEE the right turn-signal of a vehicle in the roundabout. And how do you expect drivers to maintain a safe “10 and 2” hand position on the wheel DURING a turn, while fiddling with the turn signal at the exact correct SECOND… because 1 SECOND is about the time you will have in most roundabouts once you “pass an exit, but prior to the exit you are taking”. That doesn’t sound like 200 feet before an intersection to me. Besides, a roundabout is not a true “INTERSECTION” anyway.

    Traffic flows through these roundabouts as well as one can hope for already. Leave the common sense factor alone… he is flat out not being honest when he says this has nothing to do with drumming up revenue. He is still bitter about the last ticket battle he lost. I want to see the statistics of accidents in roundabouts that can be attributed to a driver not using a turn-signal. I venture to bet that most roundabout accidents are due to folks stopping inside a roundabout, or those who try to force their way into a busy one.

  • vikramjatt11

    I feel like the writers of Current In Carmel are not the brightest, this is what happens when you hire people who can’t write a proper article without prior research. Current In Carmel shouldn’t have made up a random rule on how to signal at roundabouts. If you are going to tell people about using a turn signal at a roundabout, at least refer to some kind of official government document so you don’t confuse your readers.

    According to the Department of Transportation “Roundabouts: An Informational Guide” – Section – Turning at roundabouts:
    When turning right or exiting at the first exit around the roundabout, use the
    following procedure:
    – Turn on your right-turn signal on the approach.
    – If there are multiple approach lanes, use only the right-hand lane.
    – Keep to the outside of the circulatory roadway within the roundabout and
    continue to use your right-turn signal through your exit.
    – When there are multiple exit lanes use the right-hand lane.

    When going straight ahead (i.e., exiting halfway around the roundabout), use
    the following procedure (see Exhibit 2-7):
    – Do not use any turn signals on approach.
    – If there are two approach lanes, you may use either the left– or right-hand
    approach lanes.
    – When on the circulatory roadway, turn on your right-turn signal once you
    have passed the exit before the one you want and continue to use your right turn
    signal through your exit.
    – Maintain your inside (left) or outside (right) track throughout the roundabout if
    the circulatory roadway is wide. This means that if you entered using the inner
    (left) lane, circulate using the inside track of the circulatory roadway and exit
    from here by crossing the outside track. Likewise, if you entered using the
    outer (right) lane, circulate using the outside track of the circulatory roadway
    and exit directly from here. Do not change lanes within the roundabout except
    when crossing the outer circulatory track in the act of exiting.
    – When exiting the circulatory roadway from the inside track, watch out on the
    outside track for leading or adjacent vehicles that continue to circulate around
    the roundabout.
    – When exiting the circulatory roadway from the outside track, yield to leading
    or adjacent vehicles that are exiting into the same lane.

    When turning left or making a U-turn (i.e., exiting more than halfway around
    the roundabout), use the following procedure (see Exhibit 2-8):
    – Turn on your left turn signal.
    – If there are multiple approach lanes, use only the left-hand lane.
    – Keep to the inner (left) side of the circulatory roadway (nearest the central
    – Continue to use your left-turn signal until you have passed the exit before the
    one you want, and then use your right-turn signal through your exit.
    – When exiting from a multilane roundabout from the inside part of the circulatory
    roadway, use only the inner lane on the exit (the lane nearest the splitter
    island). Watch out on the outside part of the circulatory roadway for leading or
    adjacent vehicles that continue to circulate around the roundabout.

    Link to the guide:

    Please do your research before pulling a random rule out of thin air to confuse your readers.

    Edit: To be exact, the part that Adam Aasen said incorrectly is the last sentence in the article: “Do not leave your turn signal on the entire time you travel through the roundabout and don’t use your left turn signal.”