Carmel Mayor disagrees with amendments to anti-discrimination law

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  • censured1

    6 extensive comments from supporters of the proposed law and 2 at the very end from those who oppose it. Really? Not exactly an unbiased article here Adam.

    • I have to agree. The 2 commons against made absolutely no sense. One from a politician who is so insane he sent out a flyer comparing Brainard to terrorists. No one should ever quote Mr. Accetturo he gave up that right with his ludicrous flyer 4 years ago. As for Tea Party comment religion trumps everything? My religion firmly believes that driving fast is holy so I no longer have to obey traffic rules on the Sabbath. That fact that my religion might harm someone else is not my issue. You should just use other roads on the Sabbath that I do not use.

  • Kevin McLinn

    I oppose this law because I believe it is unnecessary. Do not misunderstand me: I oppose bigotry. More importantly; however, as it applies to this conversation, I oppose laws intended to counteract a perception, not reality. Recall the “There’s More Than Corn in Indiana” commercials for Indiana Beach? Did that perception keep businesses out of the State? [News Flash: To some degree, the State still has that perception.] Should our legislators outlaw corn or farming? I have been a Carmel resident for twelve years, and I have lived in metro Indy for 25 years. Until recently the only perception I’ve constantly heard about the citizens of Carmel had to do with wealth and pretentiousness. Should we pass an ordinance to combat that perception as well (e.g., no annual incomes allowed over the U.S. average, no homes greater than 2,500 square feet, no expensive cars)? When did Carmel suddenly become a hotbed of anti-LGBT bigotry? …or perhaps a better question would be: When did our Mayor and City Council members form such a low perception of the citizenry? Did I miss an article in Current that covered the suddenly widespread epidemic? …or for that matter, has any local media ever published or broadcast an expose about a Carmel business that discriminated against members of the LGBT community? When did we start allowing outside special interests and outside misconceptions to enter our legislation? I simply do not believe new laws are the best way to fight perceptions.