Carmel mayor defends $101M in new bonds for roundabouts, carousel, hotel

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  • Eric Morris

    Hopefully Mayor Brainard is better than other experts in predicting future good fortune and the last paragraph doesn’t constitute famous last words on the subject.

    • Ben Jones

      WOW I didn’t notice that until you said something. That is definitely a “famous last words” line

  • Bob

    1. Did the mayor tell you that through 2024, all we will be paying is interest on these bonds; that the principal doesn’t kick in until 2025 and then the amount significantly goes up?
    2. Did the mayor tell you what happened in 2008-2010 to city revenues? CRC bailout anyone?
    3. Did the mayor share his vaunted Fiscal Plan (draft-no public eyes allowed) and does it assume nothing but blue skies with no pullback of any kind?

  • Ben Jones

    “We don’t want it to be bottom of the pack, ever,” he said. Spoken like a true caramelion

  • TJ

    No one seems to have picked up on the Toronto news paper article last week that says the carousel deal is done with Carmel, even though the city council has not voted on this. Why would they publish an article to their citizens saying you need to ride one last time before it goes to Carmel if that wasn’t the case? “The carousel will stay at Centreville Park until November 2017, and will open for Carmel residents in the spring of 2018 or 2019.”

  • RKW50

    I’ve said it before, and I will say it here again. If the carousel is so important, its time Pedcor, and friends of Jim Brainard pool their resources and donate it to the city. It’s payback time. Remember that City Councilors when this comes up for a vote.

  • Would it not make sense to have a feasibility study on the need for a hotel BEFORE Carmel spends $250,000/year to attract one? This has been on the Mayors checklist for over a decade and he does not give up.

    If you read the attached story from 2005 about the hotel it shows the Mayor committed to an $80M Performing Arts Center which ultimately cost $175M.

    Mayor Brainard’s estimates are always exaggerated on benefits and about 50-100% below actual cost on his large projects.

  • Nederman

    It’s time to stop this nonsense! When did government’s role change? This is not Hazard County and he is not Boss Hogg (although having all his buddies on the council it’s beginning to look like it). The government is to provide Infrastructure, Law enforcement, and fire protection. Hotels and carousels are and unnecessary expense and should not be taxpayer funded.