Carmel mayor believes Home Place could be annexed this year

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  • Eric Morris

    #FakeNews #Stenography #”Journalism”

    It ain’t in the Supreme Court.

  • You ever notice the Mayors arguments always run the same way.
    1. It’s not fair
    2. It’s inefficient.
    SO far this year it has applied to Rays, AirBNB and now Home Place and it isn’t even March.

    They did the same hostile takeover in Newark and Auman additions. No improvements for 50 years till property values brought in the speculators. Then they stated it was a persons ‘right’ (arm twist) to sell their home yet what they receive is not enough to continue to reside in Carmel. Being cut off by density, traffic, demolition and construction makes it a challenge for both neighborhoods.

    When the heavy equipment shows up on your block you know it is over.

    A word of warning to unaware readers the combination of losing your middle class and Carmel’s debt is a quote by noted Urbanist Jane Jacobs:

    “But nowadays, a neighborhood’s “golden age of gentrification” can be surprisingly short. Suddenly, so many new people want in a place now generally perceived to be interesting and fashionable that gentrification turns economically and socially vicious. It explodes into a feeding frenzy of real-estate speculation and evictions. Former inhabitants are evicted wholesale, priced out by what Chester Hartman has aptly called “the financial bulldozer.” Even the artists who began the process are priced out. The eventual ironic result is that even the rich are cheated by this turn of events. The lively, interesting, and diverse city neighborhood they were attracted to is being killed as the place becomes an exclusive preserve for only high-income people.”
    Jane Jacobs

  • Eric Morris

    The Mayor is a little ambitious. His crony-donating attorneys at Bose, who have a connection to Haney’s wife, were just granted an extension to file their final brief at Court of Appeals on March 15. Very little chance they will rule within 15 days, by end of Q1 2017 as he stated. His slow legal pace shows he’s as excited by prospects of annexation of we are in HP. I guess he’s learning you don’t give it away and then expect us to pay for dinner later.

  • Eric Morris

    Hopefully the Mayor’s debt service projections are better than his prognosticating this being complete by the end of Q1, considering we are now entering Q3. Don’t worry, Schoolmarm Yellen just told us nothing to worry about.