Carmel, Indianapolis still at odds over 96th St. roundabouts

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  • ModestMuse

    Scales comes off as kind of ignorant… Allowing her personal bias and feelings to dictate her odd decision making. The roundabouts with have a definite long term benefit to this area.

    • RKW50

      Understand, she has an opinion, as do all of us. Many of her bias’ are due to her business constituents worries and complaints. Carmel has lost a lot of long term locally owned businesses in the last few years with the Keystone and 116th construction (sorely needed btw), and the 31 construction. I personally felt the construction priorities leaned to inconveniencing existing long term businesses, so they could get new businesses at new locations. So much for long term taxpayers. Watch quite a few businesses go bust around 96th while all this is going on. And yes, we need the roundabout there. Do we really need 4 or so east of priority way though? Not sure we need one at 106th and Towne either, but thats another story.

      • Christopher Bush

        Without seeing the analysis I can’t be sure, but I’d imagine that the multiple roundabouts required to ensure that each successive intersection can handle the higher throughput otherwise, you’ll just push the problem down an intersection to the new chokepoint. If traffic backs all the way up from the light to the roundabout, complete gridlock will ensue for all directions of traffic.

        • RKW50

          And thats exactly what happens on Spring Mill during the evening rush hour. If you happen to live on Spring Mill, or exit to it from your house, its exactly how you describe.

          • Christopher Bush

            But it is the answer to your question and the rebuttal to all who lampoon the volume of roundabouts that Carmel is planning and implementing. When the system of roundabouts is correctly engineered, the result is pretty awesome. I’m just baffled by the – for lack of a better term – Stockholm Syndrome that people are displaying over investment (or lack thereof) in better infrastructure.

  • schalliol

    As a consumer, I seek the roundabouts because of the traffic flow. With the improvements Mayor Brainard wants to put in, I would likely use 96th St. where I might otherwise go 465. Sometimes my traffic might be a through path, but often I’m stopping along the way.

  • RKW50

    This is the most entertaining thing happening up here in a long time. I did love her previous comment, where she said “not every intersection needs to be a roundabout.” Go Christine!

    • Christopher Bush

      I think that’s called casuistry. Sad to see that you’re impressed by it.

  • Douglas Kyle

    — Indianapolis isn’t helping to pay for any of this, so their opinion should be noted, but not weighted …. it’s not Indianapolis’ problem and they aren’t paying to solve it.